Tuesday, November 10, 2009

One of my favorite lines in all of the Anne of Green Gables books is the one that says "there is a book of revelation in ever one's life." Here is Anne, suddenly realizing that the man she's spurned all her life and who now lies dying, is really the man she's loved and cannot live without. The book of Revelation was opened in her heart, and she saw things as they really are.
My book of Revelation has slowly been opening the past few weeks, but somehow I've completely missed one of the main ideas of the revelation's message. The message has been simple: I am proud. I am haughty. I am self-righeous. I am self-centered. I look upon myself as greater than others. I have looked at how close I am to God, rather than how far away from God I am. I have elevated my spiritual knowledge and experience up to an equal level with God Himself. I have belittled the standards and spiritual experiences of others, because I felt that somehow I had had a special spiritual touch from God that others hadn't been entrusted with. How wrong I have been.
In Anne's life, her revelation made her the recipient of her heart's dream. In my book of revelation, I am the one who lost so much.

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