Saturday, November 24, 2012

Saturday ~ Time Off & Time Lords

I know it's been pretty quiet around this place the past week, but actually, it's been pretty quiet around my life as a whole! By chance, I've had this past week and this coming week off of work, and so, it's basically been a mini-vacation for me. I've had time to catch up on a few books that I've been wanting to read and watch a few movies. And by "few" I mean four entire seasons of Doctor Who, the entire Star Wars saga and a large handful of other miscellaneous films. I make no apologies. Shameless, I know. But I blame it on the Doctor and his blasted Tardis. He started it. **wink wink**

The above picture is a good depiction of my stagnant life here lately. Seasons 2-5 of Doctor Who, drinking yummy drinks (in this instance, hot cider) and eating good food (such as the most amazing gingerbread men ever, thank-you-Trader-Joes-and-to-Amanda-J-who-first-bought-them-for-my-sister!).
So, if things seem quiet on the blog and you want to find  me....look for me on the couch stuffing my face with food I shouldn't be eating and a glassy-eyed look on my face as I figuratively travel the universe with a time lord. This is the life.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thursday ~ Thanksgiving 2012

It was such a good Thanksgiving.
I am happy.
I am thankful.
I am blesssed.
I am not hungry.

{table for 12 adults!! Not to mention the five younsters running/crawling around!}

{the little table for my little girlies}

{goofy grins while I'm making sweet potato casserole}

{the kids/unmarrieds}
l-r: Scott, Stuart, me, Katheryn (above), Karis, Seth

{the unmarrieds with our wonderful parents}

{all of us!!}
Seriously...aren't we good-looking? :)

Happy Thanksgiving 2012!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Tuesday ~ Starbucks Tuesday

Surprise! Yes, it's still Starbucks Tuesday, but because I was not working today, my observance of said event was later in the afternoon. I packed up my laptop and headed to Starbucks for my weekly date with Hulu to catch up on all my favorite shows playing right now. It was a pleasant few hours sitting in my quiet corner of my favorite Starbucks, sipping on my trial run of:

Caramel Brulee Frappuccino

My first sip of this drink had my taste buds saying "yumshk!" but then upon second thought, it wasn't as good as I first thought. Not a waste of money, but not my favorite. I might actually shock some people by saying it was too sweet. Too sweet? Me, Kellie, saying it's too sweet?

Chyeah, a bit. A sicky sweet flavor.

But I still enjoyed my drink and I enjoyed even more the latest episode of my favorite show. Good luck figuring it out from the laptop screen. **wink**

And I'll leave you with one of my favorite Thor quotes:
"Do not mistake my appetite for apathy!"

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Tuesday ~ Starbucks Tuesday

On this beautifully chilly Starbucks Tuesday morning, I am massively indebted to my bloggy-friend KatySue, who with one post, changed my life. KatySue linked up with me last Tuesday for the Starbucks Tuesday Link-Up and inspired by her delicious looking beverage, I tried it myself.

Chai Eggnog Latte

Oh sweet angel of all things merciful (if I might be permitted to borrow a quote for Penelope)!! This drink has a 10/10 in my rating system! I LOVE eggnog (aka "holiday cheer") and this drink is probably exactly what it's titled as: a warm cup of delicious eggnog with some extra spices added. Oh sweet simplicity!

I must confess, this is NOT my first time having the Chegg (Starbucks slang for the chai eggnog latte). I actually had it the first time on Saturday while I was chillin' at Starbucks waiting to pick up my younger sister who was at a pie-baking party. So this is my SECOND time having it in four days - which means that it must be really good.  I even upgraded to the grande' this go-round.

Don't let your holidays go by without tasting this "manna from heaven, sweet nectar of life" (to borrow another movie quote) - trust me, you will not regret it.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Monday ~ Tea Time

Being the all-things-English lover than I am, there is just something magical at the thought of drinking tea. It sounds warm, cozy and altogether comforting. Tea drinking is becoming something of a fad right now and seeing so much tea related pins on Pinterest, I just thought that I really should give tea a try. I grabbed a tea bag labeled “Vanilla Chai” as I ran out the door to work today. I happily anticipated just that right moment when I’d prepare what I knew was going to be a real tasty cup of tea. I mean, with a tea with the scrumptious name of “Vanilla Chai,” what’s not to be good about it? I steeped my tea bag, added some milk and sugar, settled back down into my office chair with some Celtic Woman playing in the background. Really, it was the perfect moment.

Unfortunately, not all things go as planned.

Make that an ixnay on the tea-drinking thing...

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Thursday ~ Thanksgiving Invasion 2012

Better late than never is the motto of the month! Tonight mom and I (official chief decorators of our home!) pulled out the Thanksgiving decorations box and got to work. It's always a thrill to take out the Orange Boxes (yes, capitalized!) and unwrap the trappings of Thanksgiving Past, Present and Future. Some of the family was gone, so it was just mom, myself, Ryn and Stuart. Team Thanksgiving!

 And of course, in typical fashion...we couldn't quite do it without some "encouragement," hehe. :) What's our favorite seasonal cup o' encouragement??

{eggnog, of course!}

{I had several of these beauts!}

{guess who was excited about eggnog??}

{when I was young, my mom made these "Pilgrim Dolls" with rafia cloth and glass bottles and they have and will be for all of eternity our official Thanksgiving centerpieces.}

{aren't they amazing??}

{my special glass pumpkins I've bought over the past few years. I love the reminders on them}

{after all the decorating was over, we had one last round of Holiday Cheer - that's our family's "code word" for eggnog **grin** }

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Tuesday ~ Starbucks Tuesday Link-Up

It's a hap-hap-happy Tuesday here in my illustrious little office! I was a little slow getting out of bed, due to having less sleep because of a little bed-fellow part of the night. My niece (3 yrs) and nephie (1.5 yrs) spent the last two nights with us, and Little B's pallet bed was set up next to "auntie Kellie's" bed. As I tried to go to sleep, I'd hear the rustling of her blankets and then a small face was appear inches in front of mine, intently studying me to see if I was awake and then quietly whispering some question or random observation. But then after all the lights went out and our room went into total darkness, the high-pitched tones of "Auntie, I'm scared!" was too much for me and back went my covers and in she came. Sleep's arrival took a little bit longer, but I really didn't mind. I woke up sometime later with Little B fast asleep in the middle of my twin bed and me hanging off the side. After she was softly deposited back into her own bed, I was able to fully fall fast asleep. But it was one of my favorite falling asleep experiences to date. :)

Two years ago, a certain drink was a fall favorite of mine, but last year, I decided that I didn't really like it much. In order to be fair, I decided to give it another try this morning. The drink?

Pumpkin Spice Frappuccino

Sadly, my opinion on the Pumpkin Spice still stands. The combination of pumpkin and coffee in one mouthful leaves an unpleasant taste on the mouth. But then, once again, I have to give my disclaimer of not being a strong coffee flavor fan, so it could just be me. Now, if they'd made this more of a Pumpkin-n-Cream kind of bev, then that would be a whole 'nuther story! 

It was pretty, though! And maybe if I'd asked for the whip cream blended in, it would have been more creamy and pie-ish? Maybe I'll try like year. :)

Okay, it's a Starbucks Tuesday Link-Up, so if you want to join me for a cup o' joe (or tea!), go right on ahead!

Here's how:
1. Post about any specialty beverage that you had today or this week.
2. Include a picture or two! Phone pictures not only accepted but almost expected. *grin*
3. I’d be delighted if you’d include the new “Starbucks Tuesday Link-up” picture seen above, but it is by far not required to join me!
4. Once you’ve posted your drink, hop back on over here to my blog. See the little “Simply Linked” gizmo down on the bottom of this post? Fill that baby out!
5. Hit “submit” and watch me jump up and wave as I see you walk through the door!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Saturday ~ Autumn Barn Dance

So much fun! 

Those are some adjectives that I think of when I look back on last night, which was the much-anticipated First Annual Autumn Barn Dance!

For the past few weeks, our neighbors and us (we share two homes on the same several acre plot, also go to the same church, and are basically consider each other honorary family members) have been been planning, scheming, preparing and finally decorating for this grand event. Our church (or rather, for me, my old church as I am going to a different church as of this past year, but still consider it partially my home-church) is really big into English country dances (such as virginia reels, circle dances, line dances, waltzes, etc). I eagerly took on the role of "chief decorator," but of course, had much-needed input from everyone. Decorating, especially decorating using ambiance, is my specialty and passion. Everyone worked SO hard to get our back property turned into an evening autumn paradise...and truly, the finished result for all of us was indeed breathtaking!! With the lights all lit and the bluegras music a'pipin,' it was a barn dance to remember. :)

It was hard to tear myself away from the dances and the socializing to take pictures, but I knew I had to immortalize the marvelous evening. Because all the lighting was ambiance: white lights, candles, lanterns, etc, the pictures picked up a very hard reddish glare, but trust was warm white ambiance to perfection!

{I LOVE decorating!}

{putting up the bunting, one of my favorite decorating tools}

{KJ was my right hand woman for tying up the cornstalks}
 {my brothers and hon. brother putting putting up the Confederate flag (we're reenactors to the core!}

 {BEFORE - with the lights up}


{and AFTER dark!!}

{my siblings and I ready to dance}

 {the dances!}

Now, everything has been taken down and the barn has been returned to it's normal empty state (although WAY cleaner now that it's ever been!). Our Autumn Barn Dance has been dubbed an annual event and now a Spring Barn Dance has been added to the schedule. It was so much fun!!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Thursday ~ How I Will Celebrate the Advent of Fall

It's here. Finally, at long last. Anxiously anticipated since the day it left last year. The best time of the year; my favorite season. Officially beginning today.

Happy First Day of November/Fall/Holiday Season!

How I Will Celebrate Fall Today:

1) listen to classical music during work 
2) cast looks of love and adoration at the rain falling outside my office window
3) begin seriously thinking about Christmas gifts (yay!)
4) get my hair cut after work
5) go to the library and get a new audio book for my car
6) put on comfy sweatpants and slippers when I get home
7) Watch an episode or two of Doctor Who
8) drink a cup of hot Cafe D'Vita
9) clean house and get stuff ready for our Autumn Barn Dance tomorrow night
10) put flannel sheets on my bed

In honor of Fall (which as those who are not of my local paradise may not know, doesn't really come until around November around here, hence my celebration of genuine-bona-fide Fall on November 1st), I dug up three old pictures of Katheryn and I...waaaay back in Fall 2009.