Thursday, November 1, 2012

Thursday ~ How I Will Celebrate the Advent of Fall

It's here. Finally, at long last. Anxiously anticipated since the day it left last year. The best time of the year; my favorite season. Officially beginning today.

Happy First Day of November/Fall/Holiday Season!

How I Will Celebrate Fall Today:

1) listen to classical music during work 
2) cast looks of love and adoration at the rain falling outside my office window
3) begin seriously thinking about Christmas gifts (yay!)
4) get my hair cut after work
5) go to the library and get a new audio book for my car
6) put on comfy sweatpants and slippers when I get home
7) Watch an episode or two of Doctor Who
8) drink a cup of hot Cafe D'Vita
9) clean house and get stuff ready for our Autumn Barn Dance tomorrow night
10) put flannel sheets on my bed

In honor of Fall (which as those who are not of my local paradise may not know, doesn't really come until around November around here, hence my celebration of genuine-bona-fide Fall on November 1st), I dug up three old pictures of Katheryn and I...waaaay back in Fall 2009.

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  1. Sounds like you had a particularly pleasant first day of fall! =)


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