Thursday, March 28, 2013

Thursday ~ Don't. Stop. Believing.

{Here's a picture of  a baby chick. You're welcome.}

I believe in jazz music.
I believe in iced white chocolate mocha.
I believe in entering the free way at full speed (that's you, little blue car entering the freeway at 10mph!)
I believe in guys holding doors for girls because it makes men feel like men and girls feel like girls.
I believe in always smiling.
I believe in long heart-to-heart talks with my mom.
I believe that a few minutes petting a cat can fix almost any problem.
I believe in dancing with my nieces and nephews.
I believe in classic Disney movies.
I believe in burgers being medium-well.
I believe in west coast sunsets.
I believe in climbing trees even when you're twenty-five years old.
I believe in sitting towards the middle-front at church.
I believe in Tom's of Maine toothpaste.
I believe in your birthday happening in just two days.
I believe in pulling your cart over to the side of the store isle when texting.
I believe in smiling "thank you" smiles at police officers, fire-fighters and paramedics.
I believe no one should be allowed out of their house in pj's and slippers.
I believe it must somehow be morally and ethically wrong for guys to have just a mustache. 
 I believe that keeping the peace should also include rolling up your windows when blasting rap music.
I believe in one weaknesses.
I believe in plugging your nose when jumping off the diving board.
I believe in watching an entire season of a show in one day.
I believe in big hair.
I believe in shorts being longer than your underwear. For starters.
I believe in never blinking when looking at an angel statue.
I believe in people not bringing a huge box of fresh donuts to work.

What are you believing' in today?

Monday, March 25, 2013

Monday ~ B is for...

I'm the blogger who checks her email to be notified when someone comments on her blog, marks the email as read without reading it and then goes to her blog to read the comment.

I like to see things in their natural habitat.

And for the past few years of blogging, keeping updated on the blogs I follow was through their natural habitat of Google Friends and Google Reader. Adieu, fair friends.

So you can imagine my chagrin when I found out that those two important things were going to be terminated. I'm not good with change and even in this small way, my little showboat's been rocked and I have a little bit of stink-face showing at the corner of my mouth. I may not go to Plan B kicking and screaming...but you might just hear a little bit of grumbling if you listen hard.

And so....Plan B.  
B is for Bloglovin. 

Yah, you know the routine by now since everyone's sorta doing it.

The link to my blog on Bloglovin is right over there.

P.S. Although....the laughs on all of us bloggers if this turns out to be a big joke and it's a scheme by Bloglovin to steal everyone away from Reader and over to them.

If that's what it turns out to be...I said it first.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Saturday ~ Cute Things

 I didn't know it was possible for little humans to become so much a part of the reason your heart beats. Is that what  motherhood is like? I can't say, but I can tell you that's what auntie-hood is like! There's something uniquely different about playing with and loving on children that share the same blood with you, as apposed to just the kids you might babysit or play with at church.

I currently hold auntie-ship over seven little heartbeats, one of which I highly anticipate meeting for the first time in May and another in October. What can I say? My family is turning into a baby-making machine. And there's still six kids to get married

*eyes glaze over*

Allow me to love on two of my brother's little girls...

This is my Little G. 
She's quiet, gentle and loves feminine things. She loves her bracelets and necklaces and her "princess dresses." She gives the best hugs and is very careful to always speak in full sentences. She already has such a sweet little heart in her petite little self. 

One day I'd been wearing a long, flowy peasant skirt around the house. I walk by Little G with my skirt swirling around my legs and as I passed with my skirt brushing against her, I heard her say in a quiet, awestruck voice, "Auntie! You're a princess!" She also told me in the same little voice once that she likes my painted toe nails.

This is my Little M.
This little lady is now four years old and she's my first-born niece, the one who first earned me the title of "auntie." She's a little tomboy, loving to play with sticks, trains and read books. She loves animals, especially horses. She can be a crazy one full of energy and she definitely has a hilarious sense of humor and a flare for the dramatics. She is definitely developing the family trait of silliness. She loves wearing her brown fuzzy winter boots and Cinderella dress. At the same time.

Little M is very intelligent for her age and when she reads a story or watches a movie, she doesn't just watch - she actually follows the entire story, catching the different nuances of development as the story progresses. She's responsible, mature and caring. But loves a good giggle over a silly joke or a romp in the backyard with her sisters, uncles and aunties.

I am blessed more than any auntie has the right to be. 
I'll never be done with being an auntie.
Auntie is carved on my bones forever.
And I like it that way.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Friday ~ Shamrock Shakes + the Sisters Three

Anybody else tried McDonald's St. Patrick's special - the Shamrock Shake?
Well, I haven't and last night, my two sisters and I decided to make a girls date of it and drive to our nearest McDonalds to lay claim to whether these things are really as good as they say.
After filling up my car with gas, we hopped across the parking lot to the McDonald's drive through and I ordered. Only to have them say they had just ran out. Oh, the disappointment.

And so, I'll put it to you: what is one to do when McDonald's it out of Shamrock Shakes?
That easy.
Go across the street to Sonic instead!
Told you it was easy.

Whereas Sonic may not have Shamrock Shakes, a dessert of which I still cannot give an opinion, it still has a WAY better (and if I might add, far superior!) selection of dairy desserts.

Ever tried an orange cream slush? Oh's divine. It's like vanilla & orange sherbert ice cream converted into a creamy milkshake form.

Yes, I'll have one. Or two. Or maybe I'd better just have the mini-size...

I love my sisters and I love all our sister-dates...which usually revolve around some form of food or beverage. Hey, we know a good thing! Katheryn's the spontaneity/laughter, I'm the energy/schemer and Karis is the glue that holds everything together with her mild, yet very-able-to-go-crazy-with-the-rest-of-us personality.

So even though our Shamrock Shake expedition failed, it was yet another successful one for the Sisters Three!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Thursday ~ The Song That Made Me Laugh Today

Okay, I promise I’m not going to be that girl who’s always posting a zillion youtube videos that she imagines to be funny or informative. I'm really not.

And so now that I've made that clear...

Enjoy this youtube video.

If you’re single with a sense of humor…this song from one of my new favorite artists is for you.
I dedicate this post to all my single buddies out there!

Disclaimer: there’s not a bit of angst behind this post, I’m truly happy for all the happily dating/married couples out there! And I am quite happy today in my singleness.

But we all have those moments. You know it.

Just sayin'.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Wednesday ~ In Which I Go to a Hockey Game + Eat a Bonzai Burger

Sunday after church found me meeting up with my peeps for another day trip! In case you forgot, let me refresh your memory (because it totally just sets the stage!)

Who are we?

The guys and gals who are just too old for "college group" but for obvious reasons don't fit into the "young marrieds" group. The people who don't fit into a cookie-cutter church group...and the people, at least at my church, who decided to do something about it and be their own group.

{my cute redheaded friend Colleen operating as the driver for the car I hopped into}

This time we were hockey game bound! I'd never been to a hockey game before and so didn't really know what to expect, but since I love chillin' with my peeps, I was up for anything!

And I loved it! I've never been very sports-minded; baseball, football, soccer...does absolutely nothing for me. But basketball and now hockey, I can totally do and cheer along with the best of them.

{Michelle and me}

{that cute couple again}

After the game, we hit up my favorite food joint (ie. Red Robin) for some grub. Since after all, what's a group of friends without some food?

  We laughed, chatted, teased, took pictures that turned out extremely red-tinted and I ate half of the best burger on the face of the entire planet. The one, the only....Bonzai Burger! I should have taken a picture of it, but since I inhaled it in like 1.5 minutes, there wasn't exactly time...

 {photo on the right courtesy of my sister Katheryn}
{Colleen and me - one of my very, very best friends}

It was another fun day with my fun people who I'm loving more and more! I am so thankful to have these friends. It was a friendship desert for quite a long time, but now the Lord's sent the rain!


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Tuesday ~ Starbucks Tuesday

After a very strange weekend and an especially chaotic day yesterday, I was more than ready to partake in another Starbucks Tuesday! There is something so soothing about holding that cup with the strange green mermaid-lady on it smiling so sweetly at you. Or maybe I'm just weird that way. Quite possible.

I pulled up to my much frequented en-route-to-work Starbucks, camera ready, and ordered this second-only-to-the-green-tea-lemonade summer favorite:

 I like my cold teas a little more on the sweet side, so I always order extra sweet (classic) syrup in mine. Note though, that this is a venti sized drink. Should you decide to try it in a smaller size, you'll probably want only one pump. And the raspberry gives it that extra fruity kick.

 {I've listened to this cd tons of times in my office at work, but this morning was my first time actually listening to it loud in my car. I was disappointed and surprised to hear a cuss word that I'd missed all this time. Just sayin' for the record.}

So, that's what I'm sippin' on and listening to this morning! What are you sippin' & listenin' to??
Do tell. 

Friday, March 15, 2013

Friday ~ My First Picnic of Twenty-Thirteen

One of my simple plans for this spring/summer season is to soak in the season by going on picnics. Picnics with family, picnics with friends, and even picnics all by myself. There's something truly delightful about a checkered blanket and a goodie-filled basket.
Today after work, I embarked on my first picnic! I packed myself a chicken sandwich, a bowl of olives, some natural cheetos and some iced water. And, to crown it all, one of my blue and white china plates. 

With basket and checkered cloth in hand, I walked a ways out into the orchards surrounding our house, which have now lost their blossoms and are filling out with fresh new leaves.

I ate my food, soaked in the evening and read my book.

It was simple. It was quiet. It was a fun way to spend the dinner hour.
Try it. You may like picnics, too!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Thursday ~ Awards + a Very Long Post

{because any post is better with a picture of brownies!}

 Well, well, well! Let's roll out the red carpet, folks! My growing-ever-dearer friend Kiki over at Paint Chip Madness has nominated me (yes, me!!) for a very special award and I'm here in all my fancy duds to accept it! Well...I suppose we'll just have to imagine the fancy duds...and the red carpet. And while we're imagining, I might even trip on the stairs if there was a chance that a tall, handsome man might rush to help me up.Wait, did I just say that out loud? *wink*

So, what I do is 1) list 11 random facts about me 2) answer the questions that Kiki posed for me to answer, 3) nominate a few of my own friends to receive the award and 4) ask 11 questions for them to answer.
Sounds pretty painless. And fun. 
1) when I was little, I decided that I wanted a candy wrapper collection. I think I collected two Jolly Rancher wrappers and then called it quits. It was almost a good idea....sort of.

2) I really like fire fighters. Not like "! look how strong and buff they are" liking of fire fighters, but like, I really, really admire, respect and appreciate everything that they do. Because they do a lot. And they see a lot. And they brave a lot for us. Running into burning buildings and prying shattered people (including little children) out of mutilated cars goes beyond my comprehension. And they have to live with those memories every day. And they get very little thanks for everything they do. So, thank a fire fighter today! Really.

And on a totally unrelated topic...if you know any single, godly fire-fighters around my age, put in a good word for me. *wink & a grin*

3) I almost never, ever, ever wear hats. This post chronicles basically the only time I've worn a hat in a very, very long time. My head and hats just don't really get along very well.

4) I didn't get my driver's license until I was eighteen and I took my test in our 12 passenger van. Boo-yah.

5) I have flown on an airplane over 30 times.

6) I play the guitar.

7) I can read a 400+ page book in a day. Need I say I'm a fast reader??

8) My secret ambition is to be a dancer. Of the good variety. ;)

9) I truly, madly, deeply love...teriyaki.

10) I'm addicted to white noise at night. Must have my fan on at all costs!

11) I have a thing for having my feet up - either crossing my legs, up on a coffee table, curled up under me, or even propped up on the dash board. People laugh at me for sitting cross-legged in my office chair or with my knee up under my chin. :)

1. What's your favorite Bible verse?
    That would be Psalms 16:11 - "He will show you the path of life; in His presence is fullness of joy; at His right hand are pleasures forever." It's my life verse, specifically to learn to so dwell in His presence that all joy fills my life.

2. Who's your celebrity crush or best friend wannabe?
    I don't really have a celebrity crush. There are some guys I think are extremely attractive (not mentioning any names, but Chris Hemsworth and James McCavoy, I'm looking right at you), but I'm too much of a realist to actually dream anything out of it.

3. What's your dream vacation?
   Somewhere warm, but not hot, on a beach somewhere with palm trees, soft breezes and nobody else there. Well, I'd let one person join but we haven't met yet. ;)

4. What do you want to be when you grow up? This can include your current or dream job!
    I'd like to be a wife. I think I could make a pretty darn good wife. Mother, on the other hand? Not so sure I'd ever do well with that one. But my "realistic" dream job would be history teacher to a roomful of kids who'd actually like to learn. And then my dream-dream job? Pretty much I'd love to be a hostage negotiator.

5. How did you discover blogging?
   Once upon a time, in a far away land....there was a thing called xanga. *grin* Yes, I was a hard-core xangan for awhile back when that first came into popularity. That's how I got into what the concept of "blogging" was. I stepped back into blogging (with Blogger, this time) almost four years ago when I needed some place to dump all my emotions and questions about my life during a particularly rough patch of life. But I didn't tell anybody about it. I didn't begin seriously blogging until maybe two years ago, and by then, I was familiar with the blog scene.

6. What was the best or worst gift you've ever received?
    Worse: When I was about fifteen years old, my grandmother gave me a teddy bear for Christmas. It was so sweet of her and the teddy WAS very cute and cuddly, but at fifteen, I'd long been past teddy bears. I think it was about that time, though, that she did finally stop buying me yearly subscriptions to Highlights magazine. :)

7. What's your favorite TV show or movie?
   Loaded question! Favorite tv show right now is BBC's Merlin (haven't seen the last season yet!) and then after that I'd have to say Once Upon a Time.

8. Who are your daily blog reads?
    The ten or so people in my subscriptions list! If those people post everyday, then they're my daily read. :)

9. Do you have a nickname? If so, what is it?
   Do *I* have a nickname?? there anything that I haven't been called? My repertoire consists of such lovelies as: Kell-Bell, Kellie Smellie, Kelloidal, Kellonial, Ki-ki-ko-Kellie, Keek, Leeanne, Killer Whale....okay, I'll stop there. 

10. What are your favorite and least favorite foods?
    Favorite food/s: pizza and ice cream. Least favorite food/s: onions, carrots and seafood.

11.What's the most played song on your iPod?
   I have to admit it to being A Thousand Years either by Christina Perri or Glee Cast. Or Piano Guys rendition. Yes...I have three different versions of it!

1) Can you do a cartwheel?
2) If you had to be a movie character at a costume party, who would you pick to dress as?
3) Would you rather go up in a hot air balloon or go kite surfing?
4) What was the FIRST and the last movie you've seen in theaters? What do you plan on seeing next?
5) Is there any color you won't wear?
6) If you were getting married right now, what song would you pick as your bridal recessional? Fun and petty? Meaningful and spiritual? Classical or pop? Live or canned?
7) What drink do you drink the most?
8) Do you wear sunglasses? If so, how many pairs do you own?
9) Would you rather run one mile or walk three?
10) Do you prefer the singing of Frank Sinatra or Fred Astaire?
11) Suppose you're a phenomenal singer and dancer - if you were to be in a musical, which musical would you want to be in and what character would you like to play?

 Now, I realize that not everybody likes to fill out these things on their blogs, so please do not feel any obligation to participate if I nominate you! Just know that I put your name down because I appreciate you, your blog and our bloggy friendship! Also - if I didn't nominate you but you're like, "Oh, I wish I could answer her questions!" - then please do! Just answer any of these questions down in my comment section. I'd LOVE to make this a big random facts/questions & answers post for anybody who wants to comment or participate!

*drum roll*

& Brea (even though your blog is private, I still pick you because you're just amazing that way!)

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Wednesday ~ Reborn

Yesterday was a wonderful day. I had my venti green tea lemonade to start off my morning, fun conversations with people at work, coffee chat (keyword: chat, not date) with a friend of mine and then a ride in his brand spankin’ new bright-red-with-black-stripes-down-the-hood Camero. I really try and not be materialistic…but gotta admit, I seriously felt like the cool kid sitting in that front seat! :) 

But later on, something happened. I found out something heartbreaking about a friend of mine. It touched my heart to its deepest core and I felt broken, completely, utterly shattered. It weighted so heavy on my heart all I wanted to do was curl up in the dark and weep. Weep over my friend, weep over the choices they’ve allowed in their lives. Weep huge, heartbroken tears over them. It left me pretty stripped open and raw.



 In the face of grief over a loved one's sinful choices and, to all appearances, no thoughts of repentance over it, I've had this song on repeat in my head, like the banner anthem of my own heart that's so full I don't even know how to pray. It's become my heart's prayer over a friend I love whom I want to so much to find redemption and healing for what in many ways, is a frail and broken life.

One of the hardest things about praying for someone's who's lost their way is knowing that most often there is a lot of time between the prayers and the answer, even when the fervency and intercession of our prayers seems, to us, powerful enough to be the thing that surely should move God's hand. Waiting is so very, very hard, debilitating in fact. Because the prayers are for something so big and the opposition seems so strong and we love that person so much.

But with "Worn" playing on repeat right now, I'm trying to not look at the obstacles, the waiting or what might yet happen between now and the answer. But continually remind myself who I serve - the one who loves even deeper than I do, knows the hidden story better than I ever will and who "himself intercedes for us with groanings too deep for words." (Romans 8:26)




Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Tuesday ~ Starbucks Tuesday + Extra

You probably didn't even notice, but there has been no Starbucks Tuesday going on here for the last two weeks. The simple answer being...I got tired of posting the same drinks all the time! Because when it comes to Starbucks drinks, I am rather a creature of habit and there's only so much I can say and so many pictures I can take of the same drinks week after week. 

So, I have come to a decision. Since I do enjoy posting my Starbucks Tuesdays, I will not be disbanding it altogether, but I will only be posting when I have a new drink I'm trying or one that I hadn't featured in a long time. Since it's green tea lemonade weather for me now that spring is here (and summer to follow!), there's going to be a lot of green tea lovin' happening with me and I really just don't want to bore anyone. Okay? 


Speaking of which...


Yes, I'm having my venti green tea lemonade this morning, although **sniff sniff** I believe they forgot the "lemonade" part, since it tastes more like a basic tea! But that's okay, it's still delish!

And now for a bit of birthday!

A very, very dear childhood friend of mine surprised me by sending me an early birthday package! I've known this lovely lady since I was probably three or four years old and we're still friends today!

I had the immense privilege to be a bridesmaid in her wedding last September. It was a very special day.

She knows me well.

Gift-giving is my secondary love language, and so not only do I really, really feel the love by getting presents, I express love by giving them! Seriously, having gifts as your love language is the bomb!! :)
My friend Colleen's birthday was this last week and we've scheduled our joint birthday movie date for next week! Can't wait!

Yes...Essie nail polish is almost a trademark o' mine. :)

Happy Tuesday, my friends! Should you care to have your own Starbucks Tuesday, I'd love to see it! Let me know in a comment with your blog/post url!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Kellie's Seven Rules for Successful Blogging

 “How to Grab the Attention of a Blog Hopper and Make Them Come Back For More”

1) make an instant impression!

To do this, your blog needs to be cosmetically appealing! Don’t just grab a template with a background of clouds and blue sky, you’re going to need to be a lot more original than that. Utilize that “template designer” and customize EVERYTHING!!  And please do everyone a favor and do not pick bright, crazy colors…like Pepto-Bismol pink  or florescent green, nothing screams “go away and never come back” like the colors of a junior high tie-dye slap bracelet.

What you have on the top of your blog is going to go a looong way in your first impression. Take some time and design a blog header. You can do this for FREE using a favorite online program called picmonkey.

There’s a massive amount options with that! Tip: you’ll probably have to make a “collage” first, without putting pictures on it. You can then take that “picture” and add stuff to it when you upload it again as a picture. Add pictures by uploading then as an overlay. Use fun, easy to read fonts and make it cute, classy and respectable!  All my headers, gadgets and gizmos are made with Try it out. You’ll thank me.

Use crisp, happy colors that relax the senses and make your visitors feel like they’ve been given a respite from their busy lives. In your blog design, show that you’re responsible enough to take your blog space and make it a pretty place.

2) sometimes less IS more!

I’m attracted to blogs that are clean-cut and precise. Don’t try and fill every single space with a side-bar gadget or flashing GIF picture. You don’t want your visitors to feel like they just stumbled into the middle of an LED party complete with disco ball and smoke machine.

3) quantity is FAR from quality

If you don’t have anything to post…don’t post about it! Blogging is to be done at your leisure! It’s not a job and you’re followers are not so dependent on your blog that you can’t miss a few days…or a week, or whatever. Many will likely not notice. But they will notice if you’re blogging a whole lot of nothing and nothing makes me hit “unfollow” like someone who’s post are just about how much time they DON’T have for blogging OR they fill them with pins from Pinterest. Please…spare me.

Post well. Think quality.

4) pictures, pictures, pictures!

Not everyone is a photographer, but nearly everyone has a camera! And let’s be honest…who likes a blog that doesn’t have pictures? Pictures are what will grab your visitor’s attention. When I go to a blog and see a WALL OF JUST WORDS, I back-peddle fast and get outta there.  But when I see pictures (phone pictures will do if necessary!), then I’m more tempted to stick around awhile. And like I said….post after post of your latest Pintererst finds just SCREAMS unoriginality. Your Pinterest boards are where you showcase your pins…not your blog! If I want to see your latest finds…I’ll visit your actual boards.

Not every post HAS to have a picture, but they sure as shootin’ will go a LONG, LONG way in upping your blog appeal. And if you just have NO way of getting any pictures, then consider making your posts shorter rather than longer. No one likes to read a big, huge, long wordy posts that goes on and on and on, "to infinity and beyond!" A picture is waaaay better than a thousand words, trust me.

5) he who would have friends must show himself friendly

And that’s the Holy Scriptures, folks! If you want followers, you gotta go find them! You won’t have the followers you want unless you’re the one visiting other blogs and commenting. Let people know you’re here, say hi, comment on their posts – make your name one that people will recognize and be like, “hey, I’ve seen her around a lot, let’s check out her blog.”

Make it a habit of commenting when you visit someone's blog, even if you're blog hopping. You know you love it when everybody and anybody comments on your blog - do the same for others! 

6) don’t be an impersonal blog – come out and smell the flowers!

When someone comments on your blog, comment back! Thank them for coming to your blog, reply to their comment, etc. We’re not celebrities who can treat their followers like “likes” on their facebook fan page. Come out from behind the blog and talk to your followers. Just because you’re the author doesn’t make you someone lofty who shouldn’t “stoop” to talk back. Engage your followers.

And then…go to their blog and thank your first-timers for coming to your blog! Compliment them on their blog (and be honest! don’t just flatter! ). You don’t have to follow them if you really don’t want to, but take the time to show them that they’re time spent on your blog was important to you and their visit was an encouragement!  EVERYONE loves getting comments…so do unto others!

I like building friendships with the authors of the blogs I follow, so I'll confess, if I start commenting on a blog I'm following but that author never acknowledges me, commenting back either on her blog or on my blog...nine out of tens says that I'll unfollow them pretty quick. Rough, but true. Followers and comments aren't trophies...they're your potential friends.

Be more than just a blog post. Be a person. And be a friendly, welcoming, giving and gracious one!

7) and last of all…be an honest blogger.

It’s okay to be honest about your failing and imperfections. Don’t pretend to be perfect, because we already know you’re not. Like I’ve said many times, I’m more impacted and encouraged by the transparency of others. When they show they’re weaknesses, it’s there I find true respect for what they have to say. So, while not making your blog your expose’ on every mistake you’ve ever made and how’ll you’ll likely do it again…just be real.

Everyone struggles and nobody is alone in that struggle, no matter how unusual or abstract it might be. I read the blog once of a woman who had a compulsive disorder of constantly pulling on her hair until she literally had bald spots and had to wear extensions. And there were so many other women with the same issue that were admitting to the same problem. All that to say…nobody’s alone in their issues.

So there you have it! Kellie's Seven Rules for Successful Blogging.

Whether you made it through the whole thing or not...thank you for taking the time to be at my blog right now! You may think that I don't know you're there or that you're just a teeny-tiny thumbnail picture on my followers list who I don't notice is there...but that's where you'd be wrong - because I DO see you there and I'm so thankful for you.

And that being said, I really DO want to know who you are and get to know you! I've made fabulous friends through this blog already and I'd LOVE to get to know YOU, too, if we haven't already!

And I really mean that.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Saturday ~ A Deeper Almond Blossom

Beyond the fact that almond blossom are breathtakingly beautiful, there's anothe reason that I cling to the beauty of the almond blossom.
Almond blossoms remind me that God has promised to do the impossible. That He will be faithful to complete what He has begun.


For many of us, like Jeremiah, there are things in life that seem too big. Too hard. Too much. And in the face of these things, we forget what kind of God it is that we follow.
A big God. An able God. A God who exolts in doing the too big, the too hard and the too much.
There are many times, often daily, when I forget that God has that power and ability to do what looks too big for me. Whether it's waiting patiently on His timing for marriage, providing financially for my needs and those of my family, dealing with family situations or bringing about good from what appears to be bad all these things, He promises to be faithful and to do it, whatever it may be.
Almond blossoms are my personal reminder that God has promised. And when God promises, it's a garantee.

Worthy of note....the staff Aaron & Moses used during the early Exodus portion of Scripture was also made out of almond wood. And so when it says that the staff of Aaron blossomed, it was these very types of blossoms that were budding on the staff.
The Lord must love almonds and almond blossoms, too.