Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Tuesday ~ Starbucks Tuesday + Extra

You probably didn't even notice, but there has been no Starbucks Tuesday going on here for the last two weeks. The simple answer being...I got tired of posting the same drinks all the time! Because when it comes to Starbucks drinks, I am rather a creature of habit and there's only so much I can say and so many pictures I can take of the same drinks week after week. 

So, I have come to a decision. Since I do enjoy posting my Starbucks Tuesdays, I will not be disbanding it altogether, but I will only be posting when I have a new drink I'm trying or one that I hadn't featured in a long time. Since it's green tea lemonade weather for me now that spring is here (and summer to follow!), there's going to be a lot of green tea lovin' happening with me and I really just don't want to bore anyone. Okay? 


Speaking of which...


Yes, I'm having my venti green tea lemonade this morning, although **sniff sniff** I believe they forgot the "lemonade" part, since it tastes more like a basic tea! But that's okay, it's still delish!

And now for a bit of birthday!

A very, very dear childhood friend of mine surprised me by sending me an early birthday package! I've known this lovely lady since I was probably three or four years old and we're still friends today!

I had the immense privilege to be a bridesmaid in her wedding last September. It was a very special day.

She knows me well.

Gift-giving is my secondary love language, and so not only do I really, really feel the love by getting presents, I express love by giving them! Seriously, having gifts as your love language is the bomb!! :)
My friend Colleen's birthday was this last week and we've scheduled our joint birthday movie date for next week! Can't wait!

Yes...Essie nail polish is almost a trademark o' mine. :)

Happy Tuesday, my friends! Should you care to have your own Starbucks Tuesday, I'd love to see it! Let me know in a comment with your blog/post url!


  1. Coveting some of those colors...and I have a few essie colors as well. ☺

    Question: How often do you change your nail color? Just want to know how other people do it.


  2. Aw! How neat to get such a fun surprise package, Kellie. Love all those nail polish colors. Happy (early) birthday, Kellie. Hope you have a wonderful day. :)

  3. I'm also a creature of habit, so I get what you mean about changing posts up a bit. It's something that I find myself doing all the time! I look forward to reading your next Starbucks Tuesday post, though! They're always so cute, so real, and so fun! :)

    And your birthday's coming up?! Girl, happy early birthday! Looks like you got some pretty gifts--Essie nail polish is the best!

  4. Iris, Essie is (obviously) my favorite brand ever! It depends on what I've done with my nails - when I do a french mani, I can go up to like a week and a half before it's necessary to do a redo. I just painted mine blue on Saturday evening and I'd typically not need to re-paint until Thursday or Friday-ish. But they do begin to wear off around the very edge by then, for sure. Essie doesn't normally chip for me, so it usually lasts almost a week. Hope that helps!! I love anything to do with nails! :)

    Rissi, I was VERY surprised to get it but SO excited! Especially when I saw what was inside! :) Hey, I've joined up recently with a book publisher to do book reviewing, so I've registered with Goodreads! Link over on the left!

    Kiki, I'm so relieved to hear that you still enjoy my Starbucks Tuesdays! I was beginning to wonder if people might just be getting very tired of it! I feel reassured! And yes! My 26th is on the 30th! And now that I've actually typed "26th," I suddenly feel kinda...oldish! ;)

    1. Getting surprise things is awesome, Kellie. :) Somehow getting an unexpected note or like you, a package always brightens ones day.

      Aw! Neat - so glad you joined a publisher to review. Will be looking forward to your bookish thoughts. Off to check out your Goodreads profile. :)

  5. Actually, I did notice the lack of Starbucks Tuesdays, being a fan of coffee and all that I guess ;)
    I suppose you had better come this way soon and we'll go try new things at Starbucks together and you can help me with my nails. (I'm trying to be a grown-up lady and learn the art of nail polish) And you'd be the one to help me right? ;)

    1. Ch'yeah, sister-friend! Nails would definitely be my fetish! Maybe I really should consider nail tech school again, huh? I'd love to come visit you!! Someday it's gotta happen!

  6. Gifts is one of my love languages too. Just picking out the absolute perfect gift for people, knowing they will love it! Andddd of course receiving them too, knowing how much thought someone put into choosing it for you. :) also--green tea lemonade?! Sounds so good! I need to try that... I am always looking to expand my Starbucks choices, guess I'll have to go back to past posts and get some ideas. Love the blog lady, I'll be back!

  7. I am having a "Starbucks Wednesday" ;) After a CRAZY two days at school I am ready to go and get my coffee and see my barista friends. I am trying their new Hazelnut Macchiato drink today!!! Watching the video for it on line made me giggle and giddy....what can I say I LOVE Starbucks! ;)

  8. Angela, thanks for visiting my blog! What a pleasure to have you stop by and leave a comment! Love finding another "gifts" person! It's technically my secondary love language, words of affirmation being my second. But "gifts" is so very fun! :) And gral, go give a green tea lemonade a try!

    Rebecca, thanks for stopping, lady! I've been wanting to give that Hazelnut Macchiato a try! What did you think of it?? :)


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