I’m Kellie, living where the sun shines hot in an extra-long summer, palm trees and pines stand side by side 
and the sound of a farmer’s tractor is just the background music of my life.

At twenty-six, I’m a single gal working a full time job and sharing a house with two best friends for house-mates. It’s grand.

I’m fiercely dedicated to my family, where I’m the fourth of eight children. I’m a proud aunt to seven nieces and nephews and those little kids fall under the category of my best friends.

I grew up homeschooled and never aspired to college or a big career. Not all things in life went the way I planned it, but that’s okay, because I love (and sometimes, choose to love) the life I have in all its beauty and blessings, it’s joys and it’s sorrows, it’s laughs and it’s tears, it’s predictability and it’s adventures!

I dabble in photography, love to write when I have time, would take a burger over gourmet, and don’t feel complete without a cat’s purr nearby. Since moving from home, where I can’t have cats, I go home often to visit my darling felines…and to spend lots of time with my even dearer family. I’m not me without them.

I’m really happy that you’re here! Nothing Less, what I call my blog, isn’t a fancy place with fancy words or even fancy photos…but it’s my life’s journey in words and pictures.

In the midst of photos and the day to day stories of my life, you'll also find sometimes I just stop and open up my heart. I believe fiercely in transparency, because it's through other's openness that I am most encouraged and I find glimmerings of truth to apply to my own life.

 So, I do that here.

Sometimes it's about my victories. Sometimes it's about my failures. Sometimes it's lessons I've learned through hard experiences. But each one has the common denominator of being the lessons that brought me closer to the Lord, who I call Savior, Master, Father and Friend.

Thanks for being here. It makes me smile.



Email me: chocolatemilkmaid@hotmail.com

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