To put it bluntly, my life has not turned out the way I thought it would. Quite the contrary. But in the place of my perfect dreams, He has given me instead something that is infinitely more beautiful and vibrant - His perfect plan. My life, whereas empty of some of the things I might have written into my story, is filled to overflowing with the fullness of His grace, glory, forgiveness, faithfulness, and overwhelming love. I am thankful for every dream that has gone unfulfilled, because what I have instead is so much more valuable and lasting, so much more full and glorious. 

And yes, satisfying.

But there are some days where I miss what I do not have and I struggle with discouragement and discontent. I am tempted to think that God has given me the raw end of the deal. It's so easy to think that what I have now in life isn't good and question whether the Lord spoke truth when He promises His best for us. 

 But when life doesn't go as planned, like it did for me, I have to realize that I'm not being short-changed by God. The verse above is profound Truth to that. He promises His BEST in our lives, and that of course, includes my own life. I pray for His best and He promises His best...He wont give me anything less than that, even if at first glance it appears less than best to me. He is loving, kind and compassionate, and He doesn't want anything less than HIS best for His children. He doesn't scrimp on the cream.

 Thus my blog title is my declaration of truth that I believe my life is... 
 ...nothing less that bread.