Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tuesday 8:38am

Traffic, fog (only bad because it slowed traffic even more), almost late for work, no heater at work, and my phone accidentally left at home...."yup, it's shaping up to be a fine voyage, Jim, yes indeed!" (Long John Silver - Muppet Treasure Island, the most quotable movie you will ever watch.) Anyways, despite a few inconveniences (and yes, despite my innitial panic and self-abuse, going for 8 hours without my phone is NOT an emergency, merely an inconvenience. Right, self?), I think today will be a good day. Why? Just because I've decided it will be. Brilliant.

Before I continue to my Excel spreadsheets and piles of paperwork, let me leave you with a snippet from a lovely blogger's post I read this morning that honestly really left an impact on me, because of it's reminder to me of something I've found myself forgetting.

"Instead of dreaming about our future or reflecting on fun memories in the past (both of which can be huge time-wasters), we can redeem that time by talking to our Heavenly Father.  We can tell Him everything that's on our heart, and He promises to listen no matter what."

(please go to Annie's blog to read her full article, it's worth it!)

I spend alot of time NOT talking to God. I do tend to live in the past (even in the FUN memories of the past) or to rather than dream about the future, resign myself to the future, as I often wrestled with what exactly my purpose in life is. But that's wasted time. Thanks, Annie, for your words this morning!

Off to spend quality bonding time with my papers!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Vignette of Today

I haven't had time or inspiration to do much blogging lately and seeing as I haven't done a Vignette in a long time, figured it was an opportune time to bust one out. =)

What I'm Reading: I'm actually not reading anything right now. I just finished a bunch of books, which included Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers (for at least the 3rd time - I read it in one sitting yesterday. It's about a 400 page book!), Inheritance by Christopher Paolini (the final book in the Inheritance/Eragon series), and the entire 5 books of Binding the Blade series by someone who's last name is Grahm, haha. I need another epic book series to read! Can't live without my epics. =)

What I've been listening to: Vicky Beeching's newest cd "Eternity Invades." Love. That. Cd. In this very moment, though, I'm listening to When You Say You Love Me by Clay Aiken.

What I've been watching: nothing, actually. Unless Veggie Tales and Donut Man count, seeing as how my two little nieces have been staying with us for the week.

How much I spend on gas a week: 40 smackaroos

What I'm eating: just finished my lunch while sitting in my car listening to a book on taple. Raviolli with parmesian cheese, blueberry jello, and strawberry flavored juice box.

What I'm wearing: yah, just a bad quality picture from my phone...

What I'm Wishing/Saving for: a new laptop (countdown: two weeks, baby!)

A Random Fact: I've been on a no Taco Bell fast for all of January. I was spending too much time and money at their drive-thru. WHY do I like Taco Bell so much? But hey, guess what? Wednesday is FEBRUARY!! Yahyahyah!

A goal:  My goal? I'll tell you my goal! My goal for 2012 is to get my license-to-carry. =)

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Another Saturday

Happy Saturday! I woke up this morning about 6:15am, and the first through that rushed frantically through my head was "What's today? Which job am I working today? What dress code do I use?" And then oh the delight as I realized that it was Saturday, which meant I could sleep in. So I did. Until 9:30. Lovely. It's been a good day. Ran some errands with mom, stopping by Target to exchange a skirt and Goodwill to acquire some shirts that are better suited for my second job, which calls for skirts and professional attire. The rest of the day was spent in reading or laundry.

Saturdays are our all-family laundry day.

"Oh how I love Your law; it is my meditation all the day." Seth on one of his solitary walks, followed by one of his many admirors.

Another shot of my Jonesie. All the cats congregate on "the Green Steps" (the stairs outside our side door), so it's a good place to grab feline pictures.


Friday, January 27, 2012

Spring Toes & Sewing Woes

I have a thing for nails. Finger and toe nails, that is. I love well-kept nails. I systematically give myself a manicure and a pedicure every few weeks, sometimes doing my finger nails weekly. But...during the winter months, I pretty much ignore my toes and let them go to seed. After all...who's going to see my toes when I'll be wearing boots, closed-toes shoes, or slippers all the time? But it must mean spring is coming, because tonight I pulled out my medi-pedi bag and did a number on my feet. Aaaah...my feet are breathing so freely, and my nails a glistening, sparkling rose color. I feel adequately prepared to tackle spring's approach. =)

I am beginning to feel slightly stressed due to a list of major sewing projects with rapidly approaching deadlines. My list is:

1) Civil War Frock Coat, for a reenacting friend (due March 23)
2) Civil War Vest to Go with Frock Coat, for same reenacting friend (due March 23)
3) Civil War Shirt, for same reenacting friend (yes, I'm a very generous friend, hehe) (due March 23)
4) Bridesmaid Dress to Wear in Bestest Friend's Wedding (due March 17)

It's the end of January. February is the short month. And then...whadda ya know, it's March. I also work full time, sometimes not getting home til after 6. I'm committted to Awana one night a week. I'm also in a anti-sewing slump. Add that together....sigh. Yes, I know.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Growing Up

The thing about growing up is the more the years go by...the more memories you have; more past to recall, more people to remember, and so much more things to miss. Some of those things you miss alot. Memores represent so much, and looking back over my life, I have years of completely good memories. But the very thing that makes a memory a memory is the fact that something ended. And with hind's sight, one can see the end point that the memory didn't know existed. The goodbyes you didn't know you would say. The endings of eras you didn't realize would have to take place. The clanging shut of the door on moments that are what has made your life so worth living.

Even the best memories can become the saddest when you stand several years in the future looking back. I have an incredible present life that I cherish and want to live fully. But the more you grow up, the more you remember. Every day has an ending, and one day, my today will be another one of my memories.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Aftermath of the Storm

Between working full time between two jobs an hour apart from each other, I haven't had much time for taking pictures, blogging, or much else. But this morning was an opporunity too dear to miss - we finally had a taste of what winter should be. It stormed. For some strange trick of the weather, it's just hardly been cold, let alone rainy. We were all happy to have the cold and rain. I love storms.

This picture is not a grand pictoral success, but it's important to me because I was finally able to get the settings on the camera to where the sky and clouds was actually distint, rather than a washed-out blur. Yah aperture!

The Poof, our favored cat.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

What I See Every Day

My sweet cat, Jonesie

Home-grown garlic. We are a garlic-eating family.

The old-coo-coo clock that hangs in our living room.

Two of my little girls. B & M loved playing "Christmas" last week while they were here to play. I don't see these ladies every day, but almost every day. =)

A Tribute to Variables: Lovey

There are so many small things around us that make up the very definition of our lives. Things you walk by every day – the things you touch, the things you see, the things that are always there. Our lives as we see them are supported up on the stilts of a million variables. Have you ever considered these things? Things like the view from your kitchen window; the place you park your car; the color of your cell-phone; the creak that one step makes as you walk upstairs; the type of door-knob on the bathroom door. These small things are really insignificant on the grand scheme of life, I know that. But combined, they make up your life. No one else has the unique combination of variables as you do. These variables change, sometimes changing every single day, going unnoticed, unappreciated, unacknowledged.

I love the simple things in life. And when something changes around me, it makes me sad. Maybe because it’s my inclination towards the sentimental and melancholy, I don’t know, but when something changes, it’s sad to know that you can never go back to what was. Every day takes us further on, redefining and reshaping your life.

Last night, one of my variables changed. The world did not come to a screeching halt, in fact, the impact of the change will hardly be noticed even by me before too long. But the fact that little Lovey, our sweet cat of 13 years, will no longer be quietly existing in the backgrounds of our lives is a sad realization to me. I was about 11 when Lovey, an undersized, average looking little girl kitten, was born in our garage at our old house; I probably watched her birth. In all her life, this is one cat who never demanded attention, never ignored you, never lived up to the stereotype that cats are proud and aloof. Because she wasn’t. She loved us as her family and in those times when she would creep up quietly next to you on the porch swing, she didn’t demand your attention, but simply nuzzled close and comforting. But if you should decide to pet her, she would shower all the love in her heart onto you, with purring, caressing, and nuzzling of her little nose close to you. That’s why she was named Lovey. It’s not true that animals, especially cats, don’t have feelings or affections, because little undersized Lovey had a heartfull.

I went out last night to say goodbye to her, as she was breathing her last painful breathes. And yes, I cried. I cried as she painfully but deliberately moved her head towards the sound of my voice, one last symbol of her affectionate little heart. I cried after Mom told me before I went to bed that she gone.

Lovey was never my favorite cat. But she was always there. Karis and Stuart’s entire lives have been with Lovey in the background, and all my growing up years, even in the past years of adulthood, Lovey’s been a constant.

I am so thankful for every single little tiny seemingly-insignificant variable in my life. I’ll miss that sweet little cat.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Saturday Eclecticism

Saturdays really are one of the Lord's greatest creations, and I am enjoying mine to the fullest. I've done nothing dramatically productive, but rather, those small yet essenstial things that are required for a smooth-flowing life. Like baking the pizza crust for Mom as she buzzes into town; laundry; ironing; bible reading; etc.

Clean laundry should be one of the Wonders of the World.

Destined to be a Civil War men's shirt for a reenacting friend.

The book I'm reading.

My beloved boots.

Items #8 & 10 from yesterdays list refer to these boots, actually. I love my brown Bearpaws. Incidentally, when I first went to buy boots, I wanted one of the lighter brown Bearpaws pictured above, just like mom. But after a long and frustrating search (even to having the very boots I was about to buy taken off the shelf before my very eyes as I was about to add them to my cart myself, and then to find that that very pair was the LAST pair for probably about 100 miles. Yes, I called stores!). I eventually settled for buying the dark brown Bearpaws online, even though they were not my first choice. Only to find that I actually like them WAY more than the light brown pair after all. I love how the Lord knows what we'll like most even before we do. Even in something as simple as size 8 Bearpaw boots. =)

Something I can't live without.

A sermon that impacted my morning.
(Note to self: charge ipod soon)

A verse I cling to these days.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Ten Things

1) I miss Christmas.

2) I want to find a book on the history of Jerusalem from a Christian perspective.

3) Today was an eventful day.

4) I'm enjoying a good book series.

5) Wal-Mart Tropical Fruit Snack Smiles make my head hurt.

6) But I eat them anyway.

7) It's past my bed time.

8) I love my new Bearpaw boots.

9) Movie heroes are just people who have success while doing stupid things.

10) I love how God provides His best out of what we think is only second best.