Friday, January 27, 2012

Spring Toes & Sewing Woes

I have a thing for nails. Finger and toe nails, that is. I love well-kept nails. I systematically give myself a manicure and a pedicure every few weeks, sometimes doing my finger nails weekly. But...during the winter months, I pretty much ignore my toes and let them go to seed. After all...who's going to see my toes when I'll be wearing boots, closed-toes shoes, or slippers all the time? But it must mean spring is coming, because tonight I pulled out my medi-pedi bag and did a number on my feet. feet are breathing so freely, and my nails a glistening, sparkling rose color. I feel adequately prepared to tackle spring's approach. =)

I am beginning to feel slightly stressed due to a list of major sewing projects with rapidly approaching deadlines. My list is:

1) Civil War Frock Coat, for a reenacting friend (due March 23)
2) Civil War Vest to Go with Frock Coat, for same reenacting friend (due March 23)
3) Civil War Shirt, for same reenacting friend (yes, I'm a very generous friend, hehe) (due March 23)
4) Bridesmaid Dress to Wear in Bestest Friend's Wedding (due March 17)

It's the end of January. February is the short month. And then...whadda ya know, it's March. I also work full time, sometimes not getting home til after 6. I'm committted to Awana one night a week. I'm also in a anti-sewing slump. Add that together....sigh. Yes, I know.

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  1. You poor thing! That does sound a little stressful: lots of sewing plus little time plus no sew-power. I know sorta what that feels like--not much fun!


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