Thursday, January 26, 2012

Growing Up

The thing about growing up is the more the years go by...the more memories you have; more past to recall, more people to remember, and so much more things to miss. Some of those things you miss alot. Memores represent so much, and looking back over my life, I have years of completely good memories. But the very thing that makes a memory a memory is the fact that something ended. And with hind's sight, one can see the end point that the memory didn't know existed. The goodbyes you didn't know you would say. The endings of eras you didn't realize would have to take place. The clanging shut of the door on moments that are what has made your life so worth living.

Even the best memories can become the saddest when you stand several years in the future looking back. I have an incredible present life that I cherish and want to live fully. But the more you grow up, the more you remember. Every day has an ending, and one day, my today will be another one of my memories.

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