Saturday, January 21, 2012

Aftermath of the Storm

Between working full time between two jobs an hour apart from each other, I haven't had much time for taking pictures, blogging, or much else. But this morning was an opporunity too dear to miss - we finally had a taste of what winter should be. It stormed. For some strange trick of the weather, it's just hardly been cold, let alone rainy. We were all happy to have the cold and rain. I love storms.

This picture is not a grand pictoral success, but it's important to me because I was finally able to get the settings on the camera to where the sky and clouds was actually distint, rather than a washed-out blur. Yah aperture!

The Poof, our favored cat.


  1. I will go add the tune to my blog. Hope you come back! Loved your pictures!!

  2. What gorgeous pictures, and little poof oh bless!



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