Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tuesday 8:38am

Traffic, fog (only bad because it slowed traffic even more), almost late for work, no heater at work, and my phone accidentally left at home...."yup, it's shaping up to be a fine voyage, Jim, yes indeed!" (Long John Silver - Muppet Treasure Island, the most quotable movie you will ever watch.) Anyways, despite a few inconveniences (and yes, despite my innitial panic and self-abuse, going for 8 hours without my phone is NOT an emergency, merely an inconvenience. Right, self?), I think today will be a good day. Why? Just because I've decided it will be. Brilliant.

Before I continue to my Excel spreadsheets and piles of paperwork, let me leave you with a snippet from a lovely blogger's post I read this morning that honestly really left an impact on me, because of it's reminder to me of something I've found myself forgetting.

"Instead of dreaming about our future or reflecting on fun memories in the past (both of which can be huge time-wasters), we can redeem that time by talking to our Heavenly Father.  We can tell Him everything that's on our heart, and He promises to listen no matter what."

(please go to Annie's blog to read her full article, it's worth it!)

I spend alot of time NOT talking to God. I do tend to live in the past (even in the FUN memories of the past) or to rather than dream about the future, resign myself to the future, as I often wrestled with what exactly my purpose in life is. But that's wasted time. Thanks, Annie, for your words this morning!

Off to spend quality bonding time with my papers!

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  1. I just came to your blog today after seeing (and liking!) your outfit on Olivia's Friends of Fresh Modesty post Saturday. Now I'm catching up on your posts (obviously, since I'm posting on this entry instead of the most recent one :) ). I had to comment on your Muppet Treasure Island reference. :) It's one of our family jokes to mention Jim-Jimmy-Jim-Jimmy-Jim-Jim-Jim. And it comes up at random times. :) Anyways, I also almost commented on your housesitting/apple dumpling post - I love the Apple Dumpling Gang! Tim Conway is hilarious! :) I've subscribed to your blog. :) And congrats on your 200th post! :)


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