Monday, January 30, 2012

Vignette of Today

I haven't had time or inspiration to do much blogging lately and seeing as I haven't done a Vignette in a long time, figured it was an opportune time to bust one out. =)

What I'm Reading: I'm actually not reading anything right now. I just finished a bunch of books, which included Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers (for at least the 3rd time - I read it in one sitting yesterday. It's about a 400 page book!), Inheritance by Christopher Paolini (the final book in the Inheritance/Eragon series), and the entire 5 books of Binding the Blade series by someone who's last name is Grahm, haha. I need another epic book series to read! Can't live without my epics. =)

What I've been listening to: Vicky Beeching's newest cd "Eternity Invades." Love. That. Cd. In this very moment, though, I'm listening to When You Say You Love Me by Clay Aiken.

What I've been watching: nothing, actually. Unless Veggie Tales and Donut Man count, seeing as how my two little nieces have been staying with us for the week.

How much I spend on gas a week: 40 smackaroos

What I'm eating: just finished my lunch while sitting in my car listening to a book on taple. Raviolli with parmesian cheese, blueberry jello, and strawberry flavored juice box.

What I'm wearing: yah, just a bad quality picture from my phone...

What I'm Wishing/Saving for: a new laptop (countdown: two weeks, baby!)

A Random Fact: I've been on a no Taco Bell fast for all of January. I was spending too much time and money at their drive-thru. WHY do I like Taco Bell so much? But hey, guess what? Wednesday is FEBRUARY!! Yahyahyah!

A goal:  My goal? I'll tell you my goal! My goal for 2012 is to get my license-to-carry. =)


  1. uh, for the one who knows not, what's a "license-to-carry???"

    1. The license that allows you to carry a concealed weapon. =)

  2. I would love to get a license to carry also... I love my God, my Bible and my guns. =)


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