Thursday, February 2, 2012

Music I Love: Adiemus

I may come as a surprise to some that I like tribal music. Ok, I'm not sure "tribal" is the correct genre to put it under, but when I listen to it, I think of jungly or safari-like landscapes, so that what I call it. The style is almost soundtrack-esque, with beautifully built harmonies and vocal arrangements sung by an amazing choir (the word "choir" seems to fall short in defining it somehow). The fantastic instrumentals adds new dimensions to the voices, and the end product is...well, the word "epic" comes to mind, and if you know me, I NEVER use the word "epic" unless I using it under the form of it's true (or at least very close) definition. It makes you want to cry, smile, shout with joy, or spread your arms wide and spin in circles. Really, it does. =)

Introducing a favorite....


Really, once you hear it, you'll find that you love "tribal" music, too! It's so inspiring! The song called "Adiemus" is my favorite, but I have many other favorites (such as "In Caelum Fero" and "Kayama"). If you've never heard of Adeimus before, you really need to. If you want to discover Adiemus for yourself but don't want to go BUY it, sign up for a totally free music account (20ish free hours of music a month with a MASSIVEnd I mean HUGE selection of music to listen to; basically anything you'd ever want to listen to - this website changed my life) and listen to it. Really, go do it.

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