Saturday, January 7, 2012

Saturday Eclecticism

Saturdays really are one of the Lord's greatest creations, and I am enjoying mine to the fullest. I've done nothing dramatically productive, but rather, those small yet essenstial things that are required for a smooth-flowing life. Like baking the pizza crust for Mom as she buzzes into town; laundry; ironing; bible reading; etc.

Clean laundry should be one of the Wonders of the World.

Destined to be a Civil War men's shirt for a reenacting friend.

The book I'm reading.

My beloved boots.

Items #8 & 10 from yesterdays list refer to these boots, actually. I love my brown Bearpaws. Incidentally, when I first went to buy boots, I wanted one of the lighter brown Bearpaws pictured above, just like mom. But after a long and frustrating search (even to having the very boots I was about to buy taken off the shelf before my very eyes as I was about to add them to my cart myself, and then to find that that very pair was the LAST pair for probably about 100 miles. Yes, I called stores!). I eventually settled for buying the dark brown Bearpaws online, even though they were not my first choice. Only to find that I actually like them WAY more than the light brown pair after all. I love how the Lord knows what we'll like most even before we do. Even in something as simple as size 8 Bearpaw boots. =)

Something I can't live without.

A sermon that impacted my morning.
(Note to self: charge ipod soon)

A verse I cling to these days.

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