Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Wednesday ~ In Which I Go to a Hockey Game + Eat a Bonzai Burger

Sunday after church found me meeting up with my peeps for another day trip! In case you forgot, let me refresh your memory (because it totally just sets the stage!)

Who are we?

The guys and gals who are just too old for "college group" but for obvious reasons don't fit into the "young marrieds" group. The people who don't fit into a cookie-cutter church group...and the people, at least at my church, who decided to do something about it and be their own group.

{my cute redheaded friend Colleen operating as the driver for the car I hopped into}

This time we were hockey game bound! I'd never been to a hockey game before and so didn't really know what to expect, but since I love chillin' with my peeps, I was up for anything!

And I loved it! I've never been very sports-minded; baseball, football, soccer...does absolutely nothing for me. But basketball and now hockey, I can totally do and cheer along with the best of them.

{Michelle and me}

{that cute couple again}

After the game, we hit up my favorite food joint (ie. Red Robin) for some grub. Since after all, what's a group of friends without some food?

  We laughed, chatted, teased, took pictures that turned out extremely red-tinted and I ate half of the best burger on the face of the entire planet. The one, the only....Bonzai Burger! I should have taken a picture of it, but since I inhaled it in like 1.5 minutes, there wasn't exactly time...

 {photo on the right courtesy of my sister Katheryn}
{Colleen and me - one of my very, very best friends}

It was another fun day with my fun people who I'm loving more and more! I am so thankful to have these friends. It was a friendship desert for quite a long time, but now the Lord's sent the rain!



  1. Looks like you guys had a blast! I need to dig up a similar group of folks at my church, there are over 1,000 people, T can't be the only young unmarried gal attending! =P

  2. Even though I'm pretty much the worst at both playing and watching sports, it looks like a fun trip! And have I ever mentioned that I love your hair? It's so pretty, girl! :)

  3. i love me some hockey!!! that and baseball are my sports :)

    fun friend time too!

  4. awe I know Michelle! We were in the same society at college! :-)

  5. I love me some Red Robin... but I feel like the red tinted pictures is a universal RR thing! Bad lighting or something.

  6. Aw! This looks like a wonderful, fun outing, Kellie - despite me not being a hockey fan. ;) Love the pics. And am jealous of you going to Red Robin. LOL! Love that place and actually just went there a couple weeks ago. Such yummy food. :)

  7. KatySue! I hope you can find some other singles to do stuff with! Like I said, it's been a friendship desert for years for me, with so many prayers for friends going unanswered until now. I am so lovin' having these awesome people to hang out! I love that we're all just totally normal people - no one's THE popular one or trying to BE the popular one...just average people hanging and having fun. :)

    Aaah, thanks, Kiki! I have massively thick hair so it's taken me years (literally!) to perfect the art of how to do it in a way that flatters my face! And the trip was fun! And with it being on St. Patrick's day, there was some crazy people out!

    Victoria, I wish I could say I liked baseball, but I really just don't! But I can totally do hockey now! I hope to go to another game sometime soonish!

    Rebecca, that's so crazy! I didn't realize we had a mutual friend! I just love that girl, so spunky, fun and hilarious!

    Aaaaaaaaaah, Angela, another Red Robin fan! And phew! Also glad to know that my photos aren't the ONLY ones that ALWAYS turn out red, no matter what I do! I'll be going again in the next few weeks, since me and my mom always go there when we go out for my birthday.

    Hehe, Rissi, not a hockey fan, huh? I guess somebody's gotta hate it. ;) I am super lucky to have two Red Robin's in my area - it's kind of the "go to" place for me and my friends!

  8. Looks like a fun time, my friend!!!! =D SO glad you had a great time with your friends. <3

  9. i think it's so cool that you guys all banded together in fellowship like this! i went to a hockey game once.....all of the fights almost made me cry (haha, i hate seeing people fight, even if it's just for the fans). but it's definitely a fun and unique experience! glad you had a nice time :)

  10. Megs, wish you could come chill with us sometime! I promise we are SUCH an easy group of people and we're totally inclusive of anyone, so it's easy friends! :) Come visit me, friendie! :)

    Kristyn, I have to confess I had no idea that fights were even a part of the game!! I was so surprised when they first starting fighting, I expected there to be some huge "rush" of ref's to break them up...but they just stood there looking on! Crazy stuff. But it was still fun!

  11. me likes this post :D (and you are equally spunky, fun, and hilarious)

  12. Anything you do is always more fun when you do it with great friends! :) I've been to a hockey game years ago and quickly decided it wasn't anything I really enjoyed. But I'm glad you did! I'm sure I would have had more fun if I'd been with some of my friends, instead of a group of people from school. (Not that they were bad or awful or anything! I'm just trying to say that I would have had a better time with people I knew a lot better. Does that make sense?)

  13. Michelle, so glad you came!! You are SUCH an asset to our little group!! Love having you around more!

    Kara, gral, I totally gotcha! Yes, going with friends is always so much more enjoyable! Even if what you're doing isn't exactly your cup of tea!


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