Friday, March 22, 2013

Friday ~ Shamrock Shakes + the Sisters Three

Anybody else tried McDonald's St. Patrick's special - the Shamrock Shake?
Well, I haven't and last night, my two sisters and I decided to make a girls date of it and drive to our nearest McDonalds to lay claim to whether these things are really as good as they say.
After filling up my car with gas, we hopped across the parking lot to the McDonald's drive through and I ordered. Only to have them say they had just ran out. Oh, the disappointment.

And so, I'll put it to you: what is one to do when McDonald's it out of Shamrock Shakes?
That easy.
Go across the street to Sonic instead!
Told you it was easy.

Whereas Sonic may not have Shamrock Shakes, a dessert of which I still cannot give an opinion, it still has a WAY better (and if I might add, far superior!) selection of dairy desserts.

Ever tried an orange cream slush? Oh's divine. It's like vanilla & orange sherbert ice cream converted into a creamy milkshake form.

Yes, I'll have one. Or two. Or maybe I'd better just have the mini-size...

I love my sisters and I love all our sister-dates...which usually revolve around some form of food or beverage. Hey, we know a good thing! Katheryn's the spontaneity/laughter, I'm the energy/schemer and Karis is the glue that holds everything together with her mild, yet very-able-to-go-crazy-with-the-rest-of-us personality.

So even though our Shamrock Shake expedition failed, it was yet another successful one for the Sisters Three!


  1. How fun! Don't you just love sisters? :-)

  2. Sisters are truly the best aren't they?

    And Sonic, no doubt about it, has the best selection of dairy desserts. I'm getting hungry just thinking about it.

  3. So cute, Kellie. Love the pics.

    Had a shamrock shake before. I think. Now you make me want one. :)

  4. Anna, it was fun! And I've always loved how we both have sisters of similar age range that we're both close to. :)

    Lauriloth, Sonic has to be admitted as one of my weaknesses! I'm very curious about they're new sweet potato tots. :)

    Rissi, I still really want to try one!! I'll have to find another McDonald's in the next few days that will hopefully still have the stuff for them!! :D

  5. I've never had a Shamrock Shake either. I've heard people obsess about them though...I'm curious.

  6. I just had a Shamrock shake for the first time ever, just a few weeks ago. They are super good and taste just like those little pastel after dinner mints that melt in your mouth.
    Sister dates are pretty fantastic!

  7. Angela, that's what I've heard, too! Which is why I wanted to try one before they were gone until next year! Maybe I'd better swing by a McDonald's on my way home from work...

    KatySue, I'm really wanting to try one! I can't believe that I've never tried one before, I'd never even heard of them until this year! I'm usually really good at spotting ice cream products at fast food joints. ;)

  8. Even though you didn't get a chance to try a shamrock shake, it still looks like a fun sister date! Seeing your photos makes me wish I had a Sonic nearby! :)

  9. Sister time is dear to my heart ;) Isnt it the best? And I love how you all have such bright, expressive eyes!

  10. I haven't tried the Shamrock shake either. But I totally agree that Sonic rocks! :D These sister dates sound awesome, and of course they should revolve around food and beverages. What better thing to revolve around? Nothing I tell you! Absolutely nothing. ;P

  11. What fun! And you three are so cute (:


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