Saturday, March 23, 2013

Saturday ~ Cute Things

 I didn't know it was possible for little humans to become so much a part of the reason your heart beats. Is that what  motherhood is like? I can't say, but I can tell you that's what auntie-hood is like! There's something uniquely different about playing with and loving on children that share the same blood with you, as apposed to just the kids you might babysit or play with at church.

I currently hold auntie-ship over seven little heartbeats, one of which I highly anticipate meeting for the first time in May and another in October. What can I say? My family is turning into a baby-making machine. And there's still six kids to get married

*eyes glaze over*

Allow me to love on two of my brother's little girls...

This is my Little G. 
She's quiet, gentle and loves feminine things. She loves her bracelets and necklaces and her "princess dresses." She gives the best hugs and is very careful to always speak in full sentences. She already has such a sweet little heart in her petite little self. 

One day I'd been wearing a long, flowy peasant skirt around the house. I walk by Little G with my skirt swirling around my legs and as I passed with my skirt brushing against her, I heard her say in a quiet, awestruck voice, "Auntie! You're a princess!" She also told me in the same little voice once that she likes my painted toe nails.

This is my Little M.
This little lady is now four years old and she's my first-born niece, the one who first earned me the title of "auntie." She's a little tomboy, loving to play with sticks, trains and read books. She loves animals, especially horses. She can be a crazy one full of energy and she definitely has a hilarious sense of humor and a flare for the dramatics. She is definitely developing the family trait of silliness. She loves wearing her brown fuzzy winter boots and Cinderella dress. At the same time.

Little M is very intelligent for her age and when she reads a story or watches a movie, she doesn't just watch - she actually follows the entire story, catching the different nuances of development as the story progresses. She's responsible, mature and caring. But loves a good giggle over a silly joke or a romp in the backyard with her sisters, uncles and aunties.

I am blessed more than any auntie has the right to be. 
I'll never be done with being an auntie.
Auntie is carved on my bones forever.
And I like it that way.


  1. Aw! They are adorable, Kellie. What a sweet post you shared and your pride comes through in your writing. :)

  2. Awww I want some little girls in my life!! I just have one little boy nephew... and I totally get what you're saying. Who knew it was possible to love some little person so much?! I can only imagine how I'll feel with my own kids?

  3. LOVE THIS POST! Being an aunt is SO incredibly amazing! You're totally right...there is something different about playing with your nieces and nephew compared to someone you babysit. Your nieces are so darling! Yay for auntie-hood!!

  4. Such beautiful little women! And I loved being able to tell how much in love your brother was with all his girls when we saw him in FL. So sweet. And I bet you make a spectacular Aunt!

  5. What precious girls. They are so lucky to have you in their lives.

  6. Awwww. They are adorable! Being an aunt is an awesome and wonderful feeling. I have seven nieces and nephews myself and love them all so very, very much. Like you said, there's just a certain feeling about these little humans who are a part of your very being, your blood. Such miracles! I bet you're an inspiring and amazing aunt. :)

    And your pictures are lovely (as always). You all are so blessed to have each other!

  7. they are dear! children are such precious blessings :)

    grace & love,

  8. Rissi, well, they're sorta my pride-n-joys, so it's hard to keep the "proud auntie" at bay. ;)

    Angela, little girls ARE so much fun! I've always had a special fondness for little boys, but I've come to realize just how much fun it is to have little miniature females to play dress-ups and tea parties with! Which is good, since there were three nieces before the Neph finally came along!

    Emily! I know how much you love being an auntie, too! It is one of the best things ever!

    Iris, I quite agree with you. :)

    Brea, with two car seats filling up my trunk and my own stroller...I'd better be a good aunt. ;) Yes, Steven LOVES his girls, it's so much fun to see!

    Susannah, I actually feel quite blessed to have THEM in my lives! I hope to be the kind of aunt who's also they're best friend. :)

    Kara, you have seven N&N's, too? Fantastic! Isn't it such a privilege??

    Kristyn, these little kids are indeed some of the greatest and most precious blessings in my life!

    Emily, why, thank you! I think so myself. :)

  9. Awwww! They sound ADORABLE! I'm going to be an auntie again in July for the 7th time...and I can't wait! :)

  10. Micah, congratulations!! It'll be 7th in October for me...a little ways to go, but it's still a little person in there, so I claim him/her already. :)


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