Monday, March 25, 2013

Monday ~ B is for...

I'm the blogger who checks her email to be notified when someone comments on her blog, marks the email as read without reading it and then goes to her blog to read the comment.

I like to see things in their natural habitat.

And for the past few years of blogging, keeping updated on the blogs I follow was through their natural habitat of Google Friends and Google Reader. Adieu, fair friends.

So you can imagine my chagrin when I found out that those two important things were going to be terminated. I'm not good with change and even in this small way, my little showboat's been rocked and I have a little bit of stink-face showing at the corner of my mouth. I may not go to Plan B kicking and screaming...but you might just hear a little bit of grumbling if you listen hard.

And so....Plan B.  
B is for Bloglovin. 

Yah, you know the routine by now since everyone's sorta doing it.

The link to my blog on Bloglovin is right over there.

P.S. Although....the laughs on all of us bloggers if this turns out to be a big joke and it's a scheme by Bloglovin to steal everyone away from Reader and over to them.

If that's what it turns out to be...I said it first.


  1. Ha! I guess I'm not the only who likes to read comments on my blog, NOT in my email. How funny....

  2. I will use Google reader and GFC as long as I have it but I have bloglovin too....just in case. ☺

  3. WAIT...I'm so confused!!! GFC is going away?!??!?!?! *dies a little*

  4. Hahaha that would be a genius plan for bloglovin!!

  5. Already follow you over there, Kellie. I never did use Reader much. So now I am glad I didn't. LOL! :)

  6. I've been a little worried about this, but after some research I've realized there's nothing for us to fear as far as I can tell.

    Google announced they were taking away GFC from all "non-blogger blogs". So as long as you keep your blog on blogspot it'll still be there and functional. It's just for all the blogs hosted by other sites other than directly from Google that they're taking the GFC away from.

    I sure hope that's how it goes anyway. It would be really annoying for them to take away GFC completely. But from what Google has said directly, that does not seem to be the case at all right now.

    1. Lauri, now wouldn't that be nice!! Hopefully that's what is happening!! :)

  7. Brea, our brains continue to run along the same vein. :)

    Same here, Iris! I'll be doing it all in one place until the day comes that it's suddenly not there.

    Micah, yes, the buzz is that supposedly it's been removed?! So most bloggers are creating blog accounts on Bloglovin in order that they can still follow blogs and be followed. The actual blogs wont change, just how we get the updates that the blogs we follow have been updated.

    Angela, I'm still holding my breath and waiting for the clock to strike midnight on this blog world "Y2K"....and have nothing happen. :D

    Rissi, then you have it easy!! No switch to make at all. :)

  8. i know, i'm so confused too! i heard a rumor that it's only for non blogspot users, so we're in the clear for now :) but i still figured i'd send my readers over to bloglovin....better safe than sorry! :)

    grace & love,

  9. Kristyn, hopefully that rumor is true! But even if so, I guess it's not a total loss having bloglovin! A lot of people use bloglovin, so it's just nicer if I've claimed my blog over there! :)

  10. I do the SAME thing! Get the email, delete, read the comment on the blog! :)

  11. I moved over too, but we shall see what the future brings (as in what Google actually does). All I know for sure is that these people certainly like to change things around a lot! Or at least it feels that way. I'm not great with change either and there's so many things to do with blogging that I'm still figuring out. When they change stuff, it just confuses me more. :( Ah well. I will survive! :)

  12. Ha, I love your thoughts! That is hilarious and I bet bloglovin' is secretly doing just that to trick us.

    And I totally do the same thing with my emails and comment notifications! I save them to remind myself to respond to them, but I never read them via email. Always on my blog. It's just that much better! :)

  13. Laura, it's looking like I'm not the only one with that "gotta read the comments on the blog" quirk! :)

    Kara, I know how you feel!! I feel like I just get settled into something...and then it changes. Back when I habitually used facebook, I'd always have a complex when they'd change it around! I STILL don't like the "new" itunes!

    Kiki, reading comments in their natural habitat IS so much better! It makes it more personal! By the way, I appreciate how you reply to every comment the way you do! :)


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