Monday, February 18, 2013

Monday ~ In Which My Car Overheats, I Drive a Steep Mountain and Go Ice Skating

I'm telling you what...

I love my people. :)

After church yesterday, a group of about 15 of us went on an adventure. We packed ourselves into three vehicles, one being my trusty  Mazda, and we headed out into the gorgeous sunshine to mini road-trip up into the mountains to go ice skating.

Who are we?

The guys and gals who are just too old for "college group" but for obvious reasons don't fit into the "young marrieds" group. That's us - five guys and five gals. Although we invited Mr. & Mrs. R (that couple I keep taking pictures for!) to join us, because they are still so much one of us at heart. :) We were three cars and a motorcycle caravaning up a mountain.


My car overheated at the base of The Big & Terrible Windy Road (which on this side of driving it, really wasn't all it's cracked up to be). So, we all hung out around the open hood of my car for a little while, discussing just why my water-cap-thing had popped off, and the guys put all my emergency water that I keep in my trunk (which, incidentally, I hadn't been carrying in my trunk for months and just randomly decided to put a jug of water into my trunk yesterday. That was God, people!), all of my bottle of drinking water and half of Michelle's water bottle. Thank God for men, who know everything that I don't know about cars. :) Eventually, after a lovely bonding time, we hit the road again. And eventually made it to our destination:

 {a Very Beautiful Place - that has an outdoor ice rink!}

{Michelle & Colleen suiting up}

{Brian & Liz}

{my very own sister Katheryn}


{the men-folk - Christopher, John, & Sam}

{I roll with the crazies!}

{me and Liz, whom I count amongst the BEST friends a girl could ever have}

{Mrs. R & Baby R - he's so cute!}

{Colleen - yet another bestie!}

{more than "besties" *wink wink*}

{Liz & Brian, the newest couple on the radar screen. You know what I love about these two? They don't act like a super-exclusive couple. They hang with the rest of us and blend in with us all - there's no "we're-together-goodbye-friends" about them. Love 'em.}

{Liz, Chris, Sam, John & Brandon}

{Liz, me, Katheryn, Angie, Mrs & Baby R}

{yah, it's gorgeous. I know. *grin* }

It was a crazy fun adventure that ended with everyone crowded around one table eating pizza and I can honestly say that there are no other people that I'd rather have spent it with!

Lets do it again, ya'll!


  1. Looks like you guys had an awesome time and it is beautiful!
    I need to find me a too old for collage group but not eligible for the young marrieds group. The "singles" group at my church consists of two couples, one with a kid, and me..... =P

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  3. Kara commented:
    I totally recognize that place! (I live here too fyi) :) It's an awesome place to ice skate. So beautiful. It's been several years since I've been there ice skating, but these pictures make me want to go back. Alas I heard a rumor that they're doing away with the rink. Did you hear any such thing while you were there?

    It looks like you have a great group of friends. Hope you're car is doing okay. It's so nice to have guys around when you have car trouble isn't it? I'm clueless about those contraptions myself, and always appreciate a guy's help when needed. :)

  4. KatySue:Oh KatySue! How I feel for you!! Our "older singles" group is something that just recently formed and I am so blessed that some great friends of ours at church saw the need and made a move to get us all together! I have been blessed countless times already in just the three months we've been hanging out! I will pray that God will open doors to a group like that for you! Being in a new place also makes it hard to find friends! Hugs, gral!

    Kara: Kara, I took the liberty of editing your comment, just because I try to keep my local whereabouts more on the hush-hush. :) But no, I didn't hear anything about it closing down...although it seems like a few years back I did. It wouldn't surprise me - the ice was terrible. I didn't actually skate for very long because it was so bad! And yes! I do have a great group of friends, I really am so blessed that we've come together and formed our own little conclave. :) And also yes!! I'm SO glad the guys were there, otherwise there would have been a few totally clueless women sitting at the foot of a mountain...or rather, continuing up the winding road in an overheating car because it was the guys in the car ahead of me who even noticed that my car was smoking to begin with!! That could have been seriously bad!

    1. Hey Kellie. :) I apologize for making you change my comment. I didn't even think about it, so I'm sorry. I shall go forth and do better next time! :D

    2. Kara: It was no biggy, really! It's easy to not think about stuff like that! I do it all the time myself! So please don't worry about it. Thanks for your understanding, though! "I shall go forth and do better next time" - haha, LOVE that wording! :D


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