Saturday, February 16, 2013

Saturday ~ All on a Saturday Bright

As the weather begins to turn into spring once again - yes, our winter only lasts about a month, although when I was younger I would have sworn winter was like nine months - our Saturdays begin to turn into work days.

Cleaning patios of the clutter of winter, tilling the ground for the yearly garden, hanging clean laundry to dry in the fresh air...all part of a local spring-time Saturday at my house.

It was warm and sunny, and despite my laments for more rain, it was quite nice to wear t-shirts and go barefoot again.

It's not fancy, but it's the way I like it.

{very special violets being transplanted (and protected by wire from chickens) from my grandfather's homestead}

{there's just something about clean, fresh laundry...}

{tilled earth}

{there are a few words that strike instant terror into the soul of this poor mortal...and one of those words is "toad." I must confess to an abject terror of toads, and of course, frogs, too - since "Frog & Toad Are Friends"...please tell me you know that book! :) This monstrosity was found in the above tilled earth}

{there is evil to be found within those eyes!}

{a braver soul than I}

{always worth a try....but I would relinquish all thoughts of marriage if that happy event hinged on a lip-lock with one of these horrific things}

{putting up fencing}

{fix-it man}

{my second home - I love my car!}

{my carseats!}

I hope each of you had a fantastic Saturday, too!


  1. I worked outside today also, helping a friend clean up her weeds and flowerbeds. It was a gorgeous day! :)

    Fresh, clean laundry drying on the line smells so good. I miss that part of living in the country.

    My childhood was spent very happily enjoying frog and toad's adventures. I remember my grandma had that book and I read it just about every time I visited (which was often as we were neighbors :).

  2. Thank God we don't have to kiss frogs. EW.

  3. Such pretty, pretty photos! And I totally agree with you, definitely not a fan of frogs and toads. But I definitely know that book! I loved that series as a kid. And thanks for the reminder of that series, I'm definitely going to have to include that in my wishlist for future classroom books! :)

  4. Kara: I'm glad you were able to get out and enjoy the day, Kara! How fun that you lived next door to your grandmother - you must have so many sweet memories of that!

    Little Lady: Gral, we are in full agreement! :)

    Kiki I do think that "Frog and Toad" really are some of the must-reads for any child! I remember the one about Frog waiting for a letter from toad...and waiting...and waiting...and then finally the mailman being a snail! I always thought that was so clever and funny as a child! :)

  5. Beautiful Pictures...looks like lots of fun! And I like your new header design.



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