Friday, February 15, 2013

Friday ~ Lady Valentine

This is my Little B, my second-born niece.

She is kind, compassionate and loves to play "mommy." I usually get to be the baby. *smile*
She loves to sing in the car with me when I'm driving her and the nephling around.
Yes, I have two carseats of my very own. I take "auntie" to the next level.

Last week, as the three of us were in the car together, I asked her, "Should I put some music on?"
She answered, "No, lets just sing!" 
And so we did.

She spent the night last week and it was not long after I'd had a bad cold and still had a lingering occasional cough. As she and I laid in our beds that night (or more accurately, snuggled in my bed), a few times I had to turn away and cough. Each time, her little voice full of concern would say out of the darkness, "Auntie, are you alright??" 

I love that little girl.

As any little kid, she likes her toys and her way, too. But I've also seen her turn around and give all her toys to 
another little friend because they wanted to play, too.

She loves to play "picnic," dress-ups, and wear rubber boots, even if they're way too big.

That's my Little B. 
She's hard to take pictures of because she's always dancing, playing and laughing.
But even blurry pictures are cute when she's in them. 
I am a hopeless Auntie. And I like it that way.


  1. Adorable, Kellie! Love, love, love that little red dress. :)

  2. what a beautiful post about a sweet little niece :)

    being an Aunt or "auntie" is the best!! my nephew who is 3 yrs old calls me "AUNTIE vic" and it melts my heart still.

    happy friday!

  3. Kate: It was such a cute dress and I could tell that she felt so pretty in it!! :D

    Victoria: I agree! Like I tell people, I was born to be an auntie! I am basically a puddle all the time with all the nieces and nephies! #6 is due in May!

    Little Lady: Of course I completely agree with you! She's a big part of my world. :)

  4. What an adorable little lady! Love it. And also, I very much like the changes you've made to your banner! I'm a sucker for bunting of any kind ;) Great design!

  5. Aw! She is adorable, Kellie. Love these.

    May I also just say: Your new layout is FABULOUS!

  6. Brea: Bunting is my one weakness!! It's SOOO cheerful and happy and old-fashioned and just positively lovely! For Katheryn's birthday in October, instead of decorating with lame-o streamers, I just grabbed my handy bunting and strung it around the dining room and it was SOO much more festive and looked do much funner!

    Rissi: Thanks! I hadn't anticipated changing the just sorta happened, haha! Glad it's looking good - sometimes when you work on something for so long, you kinda lose whether it actually looks good or not! far, I'm immensely encouraged. :)

  7. I found my way over via Rissi and knew I had to stay a while when I saw this post. She's adorable! I tell you, there is absolutely nothing like nieces and nephews. They are one of God's awesome-est creations! :) I just love that she likes to sing. I'm a singer myself, and spent many, many hours singing at the top of my lungs when I was little. Now whether I sounded good or not, you'd have to ask my mother. :D

    (Also I just read your comment above and am taking a wild guess that you like Lark Rise. Am I right? I hope so, because I love it! And I'm always glad to meet someone else who does too. :)

  8. She is precious! I do believe there is an adorable overload in this post. And it sounds like you're the best "auntie" a person can have. ^_^


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