Thursday, February 14, 2013

Thursday ~ Can You Feel the Love

My word for the day is:


Yes, I stopped by the store this morning on my way to work and bought myself a bag of chocolate. Caramel-filled Kisses, to be exacto. It just felt wrong to not have chocolate on Valentine's Day! So between the chocolate I bought and the generous surprise gift of more chocolate that my sister Katheryn sneaked into my car this morning (we are of one mind!)...people, I am set for Valentine's! 

Speaking of l.o.v.e....I would like to announce the advent of blog buttons for Nothing Less Than Bread (ahem, that's me!) If you feel the love over here at this place I make my bloggin' home *cue Lion Kings' "Can You Feel the Love Tonight"* why not share the love? In case you hadn't notice yet, there is a new page added to the blog (located underneath a header near you!) with the very unoriginal title of "buttons." There you will find not only a few buttons for this very own blog, but you also just might find YOUR button being displayed! So, pretty people, check it out! I'm a'caring and I'm a'sharing!

To those of you who are SO excited about NLTB's new's a quick fix for you:

To display this lovely little who's-it-and-what-not, head to the "buttons" page as listed above and grab that button code!
Thanks in advance to those of you who feel the love!
And remember...just as Josh Groban so effectively puts it:

"You. Are. Loved!"

Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. Kellie, your buttons are ADORABLE! Love them. I will definitely have to snag one. :)

    Thanks also for adding mine - I really appreciate it. :)

    Happy Valentine's Day. :)

  2. Rissi: Yippee! Thanks! I had fun making them! Definitely had some serious design fails, but am relatively satisfied with the ones up there for now! And of course I would add yours - I LOVE your blog!

  3. If I remember right, wasn't it more like: You. Are. LOOOOOVED! ;)
    But anyway, I love your buttons! Great job on the design! I was impressed with the creativity yet professional look of them. How in the world does on go about making a button like that?

  4. Brea: Haha, I'm so glad you remembered that because THAT is exactly how I was singing it in my head!! I'm glad you like the buttons! I've kinda been piddling with some new changes around here, so hopefully it all "meshes!" Making a button SOUNDS hard...but it's actually pretty simple! I'll email you a link to a website that I used that gave me a step by step!

  5. Good word for the day! My word was Starbucks! I went right after school and teaching help class to my local Starbucks for a caramel macchiato to celebrate Valentine Day! I am so glad I found your blog-I enjoy reading your posts! :-)

  6. Rebecca: I'm so glad you enjoy this blog - it's always SUCH an encouragement to hear that! And we definitely do Starbucks around here, specifically every Tuesday! :)


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