Saturday, March 9, 2013

Saturday ~ A Deeper Almond Blossom

Beyond the fact that almond blossom are breathtakingly beautiful, there's anothe reason that I cling to the beauty of the almond blossom.
Almond blossoms remind me that God has promised to do the impossible. That He will be faithful to complete what He has begun.


For many of us, like Jeremiah, there are things in life that seem too big. Too hard. Too much. And in the face of these things, we forget what kind of God it is that we follow.
A big God. An able God. A God who exolts in doing the too big, the too hard and the too much.
There are many times, often daily, when I forget that God has that power and ability to do what looks too big for me. Whether it's waiting patiently on His timing for marriage, providing financially for my needs and those of my family, dealing with family situations or bringing about good from what appears to be bad all these things, He promises to be faithful and to do it, whatever it may be.
Almond blossoms are my personal reminder that God has promised. And when God promises, it's a garantee.

Worthy of note....the staff Aaron & Moses used during the early Exodus portion of Scripture was also made out of almond wood. And so when it says that the staff of Aaron blossomed, it was these very types of blossoms that were budding on the staff.
The Lord must love almonds and almond blossoms, too.


  1. I know He can do all things, but couldn't he maybe do them on my time schedule once in awhile? ;-)
    But seriously, He is an amazing God and I am in awe of Him more and more every day, especially at springtime, how could you look at those almond blossoms and not be amazed?? =)

  2. Why have I never made the connection between those verses and the lovely blossoms I see every year right about now? Silly me! Thanks for pointing them out. I've always enjoying this time of year since moving here, but they'll have a more special connection for me now. Thanks Kellie! :)

    And yes, God is so amazing. I'm constantly in awe of how He blesses me day after day after day after day. God is so good!

  3. Amen, Amen....right now my boyfriend and I need a big God to come through because him getting a job here is WAY beyond our abilities...but God is bigger than the German government!

    LOVE LOVE LOVE you new design. Very clean and professional looking. ☺

    Also, still interested in guest posting?


  4. Katysue, that's one of the reasons that I look forward to blossom season so much! It's like a big, huge, unmistakable billboard sign for miles and miles around me saying that GOD WILL COMPLETE in me.

    Kara, it's it such a precious connection? I wish I could have a vase of almond blossoms on my desk at work every day of the year! And one of my "dream tattoos" is an almond blossom. :)

    Iris, I prayed for you and your boyfriend! Job searches and financial issues are some of the THE most draining situations to be in and I know it's sure testing your faith right now! But God IS a big God and He really, really, really does see your need and is watching over you!!

  5. Such crisp, clear pictures of loveliness. And I also loved the message of this post. Needed to hear that reminder that God is THE God of the impossible :)

  6. I'm so glad,Brea! I've been needing that reminder myself lately! God's been doing sweet stuff in my heart, teaching me to actively be pursuing a mindset of TRUTH over my feelings. When I find myself being grumpy at God, I've been remembering this "almond blossom promise." Hugs, my friendie!

  7. I envy your nails. Just sayin'.


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