Friday, March 8, 2013

Friday ~ Bits & Pieces

{my niece-ling Little G - this is her smile!}

I am inspired by this amazing young woman to take a stab at a “bits & pieces” post, since I enjoy hers so much! By the way, if you’ve not found her blog yet, please do! I am daily encouraged by her sense of humor, personality and her dedication to walking in step with the Lord. 


- It’s been so warmish around here lately that I decided this morning that it was time to bust out one of my favorite summer drinks! With two extra pumps of syrup, it’s the taste of summer in my mouth. Yumby! Next time I'm going to give this variation a try! What's your favorite drink of summer? Are you sweet tea? Lemonade? Cherry coke?

- This song has been on repeat a lot lately. It is so powerful and touches some nerves deep inside.

- I’m trying to rationalize spending $50 on a pair of shoes, especially when those shoes are just a slap of rubber and pieces of canvas. But….they’re cute! I'm thinking the classic Navy's....but should I??

- Woot woot! March 8th is finally here and that means that this movie is out in theatres now! My dear, dear friend Colleen and I share March birthdays (ahem, 22 days ‘til mine!) and so we decided to have a movie date together to celebrate.

- What color should I try?? I need help deciding! Essie has such a wealth of lovely hues!

- It’s been recommended to me that I get a Twitter, but I can’t quite make up my mind. I forsook the traditional world of Facebook over a year ago after my addiction to it was so great that my life was beginning to feel like one big Truman show and I was weary of feeling like I was carrying everyone else’s lives around with me. After the initial withdrawals (true story: I almost hyperventilated as I clicked “deactivate account”), I’ve never regretted it. And so….do I want to step back into social media with a Twitter? Maybe I should pray about it.

- So precious.

- Speaking of prayer…I seriously enjoyed watching this movie with my sisters and friend Michelle! Have you seen this? If not, you need to! If you’re a Jane Austen purist, go into it with an open mind and you will loooove it! I laugh EVERY time and I’ve seen this movie dozens of time, no joke.  Oh, and you’re probably wondering what in the world prayer had to do with it…it’s just that there’s a line in it where Jane (a Venezuelan bombshell) says “I tink we shoold pray.” See? There WAS a connection.

- Counting down til THIS comes out! But I'm afraid I'll cry. I'm always SO devastated when something I love ends...this is me after a good book.

- How ood.

- I wait all year long for Girl Scouts to be selling cookies outside of our local Save Mart so I could buy a small, overpriced box of my favorite cookie...but then I found this beautiful package on the cookie isle. More to eat, cheaper price - all year long! Win, win, win!

- And if you hadn't noticed, there's an new button for my blog! **cue "Can You Feel the Love Tonight"**



  1. *Le gasples* YOU'RE A MERLIN FAN!!!! Sorry, I just had a fangirl attack. Merlin is my favoritest show of all time and here months later I'm still mourning the series finale. (I get waaaay too emotionally attached with fictional things I fear.) How exciting it is to see another Merlinian around! And a Whovian? My favorite one after Merlin!

  2. Lauriloth, yes! I am a Merlin fan and have my own fangirl attacks quite regularly! SO sad they ended the show, but I guess I'd rather it have a good, strong ending that peter out into nothingness. And I haven't actually seen Season 5 yet, but I'm going to AS SOON as it's released on dvd on April 9th!! I can't wait! And hehe, yes I love Doctor Who, as well, after Merlin! BBC does such amazing shows! I'm curious to see how next year's new show Thr Musketeers (with the guy who plays Lancelot!) will turn out! Hopefully amazing. :)

  3. Um, loved this post of yours! I honestly feel like I discover yet another similarity between the two of us with every post I read.

    For example, I feel the same way about TOMS shoes. They're super cute (love the classic navy ones!) yet I cannot justify paying $50+ for a pair! Someday (with a sale) perhaps!

    And I loved that Romeo and Juliet pin--so cute and so true! Hearing about couples who have been together for so long is so inspiring and so adorable, too!

    And those drinks look tasty! I'm a freshly squeezed raspberry lemonade girl myself, but those teas look good, too!

    And I'm so glad you like that song. It definitely speaks straight to my soul and I've found myself either listening to it or singing it randomly a lot lately.

    And as for Twitter--I think I have mixed feelings about it. I have yet to really get into it because I never feel like I have anything "tweet-worthy" to say. But if you do, let me know because I'll definitely follow you! :)

    1. p.s. Thanks for all of the sweet words about me! It was such a nice surprise to hear you saw so many kind things! Speaking of which, you're WAY too kind! And thank YOU for encouraging me!

  4. Cute post! I like seeing all the little things you enjoy :)
    And as you may or may not know, I'm a big fan of TOMS! So get you you some :) They give a pair away to people who need them for every pair you buy so when you're paying $50, you're actually buying two pair ;) Anyway, I love mine. Can't wait for warmer weather when I can wear them again!

    1. ps. love the adorable picture of your niece!

  5. This was wonderful, Kellie. So much fun. :)

    Twitter: I opened it simply as another place to post my reviews and have gotten a bit carried away with it. I'll admit that. However, it is always a great place to learn about things and chat about commonalities. That being said, I think (like Facebook which I've NEVER had and don't regret), it's up to the individual to decide.


    Merlin is gonna be sad. Ah, well! Knowing will help me "deal" with it when I finally get around to watching series five.

    Happy weekend!

  6. Kiki! We continue to be twins separated at birth! :) And I'm interested in trying your fresh-squeezed raspberry lemonade! Sounds yumby! <-- that's my silly word for yummy. ;) temptress, you! I really want some TOMS lovin' going on around here! I'll probably end up caving this summer! I can't wear flip-flops at work (in case I have to do some heavy lifting...which I've NEVER had to do the whole 3.5 years of being there *rolls eyes*), so I try and appease my suffocating summer feet by wearing cute shoes...and I think TOMS might really satisfy my feet so much. ;)

    Riss, Twitter does sound like fun! My trepidation mostly comes from my own failings in the Facebook department - I was that girl who was ALWAYS posting like every hour, uploading selfies all the time and always wanting more comments on my wall to make me "happy." I got sick of myself and how I wasn't able to handle myself more that's why I'm afraid of Twitter, I'm fearful of my own slack of self-discipline and getting dependent on that form of communication/self gratification again. Anyhoo, we'll see! If I do, I'll of course look you up!! :D

    And as much as I anticipate Merlin, like you, I'm also going to be SO sad! Partly because of my knowledge of how it ends (or at least, parts of it) and just because the show itself is ending! I'll be a weeping mess!

  7. =D Your niece is adorable, Kell! And thank you for the head's up on your b-day. ;) I am plotting.
    I should do one of these...SO fun, my friend. <3
    P.S: that Pride & Prejudice movie looks ca-UTE...& that song "Worn" is really speaking to me these days as well.
    Love ya, gral! <3

    1. Megs, hehe...well, I AM a sucker for my birthday!! And yes! You MUST watch this P&P, we call it the the "Pink Bible Pride & Prejudice," but you'll have to watch it to understand why! You'll laugh so hard, it's so hilarious, but soo cute! Hugs, friendie!

  8. Your niece is definitely a cutie-pie! :)

    I just tried Sonic's sweet tea the other day, and it was pretty good. Of course I was coming off a whole week of being sick so probably anything would taste good since I can taste again, but you know. ;) I'm definitely a tea person, just not tooooooo sweet preferably.

    That version of P&P is pretty cute! I enjoy it every time I watch it. Which it's actually been a while. I keep thinking I'll buy it, but haven't yet. I did appreciate that the characters went to church. Now I need to watch it again! :)

  9. Kara, I haven't actually tried Sonic's sweet tea before! I love sweet tea, but I usually find that fast food places don't capture the "southern" flavor very well! I'll have to give their's a try, though! Glad you're feeling better now! Nothing like a little something-something to celebrate getting better, right? ;)


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