Thursday, March 7, 2013

Thursday ~ My Spring Snow

It's been a busy week, but in the midst of busy, we've found time to savor the blossoms and to "drink them in," as Anne Shirley would say.

We call them frolics - those times we all venture out into the orchards together to soak in the spring season and do crazy stuff together. Under cover of acres of trees, there's no one to laugh at you or think your insane...except the people who are being insane with you. 

You might just say that...."insanity runs in my family; it practically gallops!"

{the Sisters Three}

 {bee boxes are important around here during spring time!}

Yesterday evening, we decided to go on a picnic out in the orchards. Despite approaching rain clouds, we grabbed goodies, homemade lemonade and  blankets and ventured forth.

I love those simple times.

{what you DON'T see in this picture is that I had chocolate smeared on my front teeth when Mom took the picture. Naturally, I edited in post-processing. *grin*}

 {All our sweet, demure smiles in this picture just don't quite capture the jokes, jabs and laughter that is a part of us!}

 Happy spring, friends!


  1. Such precious pictures! It's such a treat to come here and enjoy all the loveliness on this blog :) I love seeing that you get all this special time with your siblings. Don't take it for granted.
    And what are you doing in flip-flops?! There's still snow on the ground out here. Ha!

  2. Love the new look for your blog and your new profile pic is super cute too!
    Looks like you guys had a fantastic time, I love frolicking with my siblings, you can achieve a level of hilarity inducing insanity that is unachievable with any other group of people ;-)

  3. Whoa! Anne Shirley and Mortimer quotes in the same post?! :) I feel like it's Movie Monday again... :)

  4. LOVE! =D
    Absolutely positively gorgeous--the Almond blossoms & *YOU* my gral-friend! ;)

  5. Brea, as I think more and more of eventually moving out on my own...I'm learning to not take my family for granted, just as you say! They are so precious to me and I love that we're together all the time in every time. Hehe, yes, I very happily reinstated the institution of flip-flops around here! I'm so ready for my footsies to be a'breathin' agin! :)

    KatySue, Thanks, friendie! I know I keep tweeking my blog all the time, but I'm satisfied with this format...until the next wave of renovation hits me! But it's spring - everything needs a good spring cleaning, even blogs, right? :)

    Kerri, yes, yes, I know...I'm finding myself pretty consistently weaving movie quotes into almost every post, without even meaning to! Hehe, it's like Where's Waldo or finding the toothpick in a Taste of Home magazine! :)

    Megs, thanks, friendie-friend! You have such a gift for encouragement! Which I appreciate SO very much, because words of affirmation is my NUMERO UNO love language. Thanks for how you always bring a smile and a lift in my step!! :)

  6. Haha! You used to search for the toothpick, too?! How funny! :) Did you ever hold the magazine upside down to search?

  7. Oh my goodness! Could you guys be any cuter! Love these photos. Pretty sure this became my favorite post of the day with your little Anne Shirley quote. So adorable!

  8. So many pretty photos, friend! Your family is so cute! And I know I've said this before, but seriously, you guys look like so much fun to be around!

    p.s. You and your sisters are all so pretty!

  9. Kerry! Yes!! I did search for the toothpick and all but tore open the page seams to try and find it! And I'm pretty sure I resorted to looking at it from all angles!

    Courtney, thanks!! And Anne Shirley is such a lovely, quotable lady!!

    Kiki, ah, well...shucks. *blush* I do enjoy being a part of "us!" Gral, you should come and visit us! For real! :)

  10. Ah. Aren't they wonderful?! I drove around last weekend and smiled and smiled and smiled. So cheerful! :)

    I agree with Kiki. You and your sisters are just lovely.

    Also, your family does have an impish look about them. In a good and fun and awesome way I mean! :P

  11. Kara! I LOVE that "impish" description!! Hehe, thanks!


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