Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Tuesday ~ I Left My Heart in an Almond Orchard

I am blessed. With family. With friends. With a hope and a future. With nieces and nephews I consider friends (who cares if I'm 22+ years older!). I have so much - a job, a car, a bank account, a church, a wonderful little community to live in. And there's something else I have that not many people do.

I have almond orchards.

I live in the very heart of an almond farming community and right now, with spring beginning to raise it's sleepy head out of the ground, is when everything around me explodes into white, fluffy beauty. It's like "The White Way of Delight" from Anne of Green Gables...only it stretches for as far as the eye can see all around me, acres upon acres of trees so thickly covered with blossoms that it looks like snow has fallen. 

The breathtaking beauty of almond blossoming season only last for a very few short weeks, with the peak of blossoming only lasting one week. And so, during that one week, I take every opportunity to leave everything behind and soak in life's beauty in full display around my house. 

Some blossoms are white, some light pink, some bright pink, some have a yellow tint...but they're all stunningly beautiful! If popcorn grew on trees, it's what a popcorn tree would look like.

And of course, the pink blossoms would be peppermint popcorn trees. :)

I have lots more pictures taken during this week, which will be posted in the next few days. I love being a part of almond blossom country!


  1. I love driving through blooming orchards, there really is nothing like it!

  2. Gorgeous pictures Kellie, but those blooms are beautiful! You are very talented. :)

  3. I lovelovelove the first picture! And what beautiful scenery you have to enjoy! I'm longing to see blossoms again in our area. Spring seems a long way off right now but I know it's coming. Thanks for a little glimpse of it :)

  4. beautiful!! i am always a sucker for a Spring flower/bloom!

  5. Katysue, we are in agreement! I live ten minutes outside of town and it's a straight shot through constant almond orchards! Love that drive this time of year!

    Sarah, thank you! And thanks for visiting my blog! Always makes my day!

    Brea, during our one month of winter I find myself wishing for a longer, colder season...but as soon as February/March hits and the trees start blossoming...I decide I love our early spring!

    Victoria, I agree! There's something so fresh and wholesome about spring flowers! Something very brand new-ish! :)

  6. Beautiful! Spring is on it's way:)

  7. Great photo post, Kellie. Blossoms on trees always make beautiful photos - I love when our old apple trees bloom. Given that they've been beat up by storms they aren't as pretty as they once were but still... it's a beautiful sign of spring. :)

  8. It only lasts for a couple weeks?? Ok, I've got to get out my camera!

  9. Gorgeous photos! I love it when our plums and cherries flower, including when their petals fall like snow at the end. Your photos make me super excited for spring to finally arrive where I live (and a little impatient, too!). :)

  10. Katie, thanks! I'm so glad that spring is here - it's my second favorite season, after fall, of course!

    Rissi, I am in agreement - blossoms make for beautiful pictures! Trees that have been roughed up by weather do make their blossoms that much more beautiful, just by what they've had to stand through!

    Michelle, yes!! Get out your camera! The orchards right by our house is already fading into green leafy-ness!

    Kiki, aaaaah, yes!! I love it when the petals start falling - I call it our "snow." You won't have to wait too long, spring really is on it's way!


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