Thursday, March 14, 2013

Thursday ~ Awards + a Very Long Post

{because any post is better with a picture of brownies!}

 Well, well, well! Let's roll out the red carpet, folks! My growing-ever-dearer friend Kiki over at Paint Chip Madness has nominated me (yes, me!!) for a very special award and I'm here in all my fancy duds to accept it! Well...I suppose we'll just have to imagine the fancy duds...and the red carpet. And while we're imagining, I might even trip on the stairs if there was a chance that a tall, handsome man might rush to help me up.Wait, did I just say that out loud? *wink*

So, what I do is 1) list 11 random facts about me 2) answer the questions that Kiki posed for me to answer, 3) nominate a few of my own friends to receive the award and 4) ask 11 questions for them to answer.
Sounds pretty painless. And fun. 
1) when I was little, I decided that I wanted a candy wrapper collection. I think I collected two Jolly Rancher wrappers and then called it quits. It was almost a good idea....sort of.

2) I really like fire fighters. Not like "! look how strong and buff they are" liking of fire fighters, but like, I really, really admire, respect and appreciate everything that they do. Because they do a lot. And they see a lot. And they brave a lot for us. Running into burning buildings and prying shattered people (including little children) out of mutilated cars goes beyond my comprehension. And they have to live with those memories every day. And they get very little thanks for everything they do. So, thank a fire fighter today! Really.

And on a totally unrelated topic...if you know any single, godly fire-fighters around my age, put in a good word for me. *wink & a grin*

3) I almost never, ever, ever wear hats. This post chronicles basically the only time I've worn a hat in a very, very long time. My head and hats just don't really get along very well.

4) I didn't get my driver's license until I was eighteen and I took my test in our 12 passenger van. Boo-yah.

5) I have flown on an airplane over 30 times.

6) I play the guitar.

7) I can read a 400+ page book in a day. Need I say I'm a fast reader??

8) My secret ambition is to be a dancer. Of the good variety. ;)

9) I truly, madly, deeply love...teriyaki.

10) I'm addicted to white noise at night. Must have my fan on at all costs!

11) I have a thing for having my feet up - either crossing my legs, up on a coffee table, curled up under me, or even propped up on the dash board. People laugh at me for sitting cross-legged in my office chair or with my knee up under my chin. :)

1. What's your favorite Bible verse?
    That would be Psalms 16:11 - "He will show you the path of life; in His presence is fullness of joy; at His right hand are pleasures forever." It's my life verse, specifically to learn to so dwell in His presence that all joy fills my life.

2. Who's your celebrity crush or best friend wannabe?
    I don't really have a celebrity crush. There are some guys I think are extremely attractive (not mentioning any names, but Chris Hemsworth and James McCavoy, I'm looking right at you), but I'm too much of a realist to actually dream anything out of it.

3. What's your dream vacation?
   Somewhere warm, but not hot, on a beach somewhere with palm trees, soft breezes and nobody else there. Well, I'd let one person join but we haven't met yet. ;)

4. What do you want to be when you grow up? This can include your current or dream job!
    I'd like to be a wife. I think I could make a pretty darn good wife. Mother, on the other hand? Not so sure I'd ever do well with that one. But my "realistic" dream job would be history teacher to a roomful of kids who'd actually like to learn. And then my dream-dream job? Pretty much I'd love to be a hostage negotiator.

5. How did you discover blogging?
   Once upon a time, in a far away land....there was a thing called xanga. *grin* Yes, I was a hard-core xangan for awhile back when that first came into popularity. That's how I got into what the concept of "blogging" was. I stepped back into blogging (with Blogger, this time) almost four years ago when I needed some place to dump all my emotions and questions about my life during a particularly rough patch of life. But I didn't tell anybody about it. I didn't begin seriously blogging until maybe two years ago, and by then, I was familiar with the blog scene.

6. What was the best or worst gift you've ever received?
    Worse: When I was about fifteen years old, my grandmother gave me a teddy bear for Christmas. It was so sweet of her and the teddy WAS very cute and cuddly, but at fifteen, I'd long been past teddy bears. I think it was about that time, though, that she did finally stop buying me yearly subscriptions to Highlights magazine. :)

7. What's your favorite TV show or movie?
   Loaded question! Favorite tv show right now is BBC's Merlin (haven't seen the last season yet!) and then after that I'd have to say Once Upon a Time.

8. Who are your daily blog reads?
    The ten or so people in my subscriptions list! If those people post everyday, then they're my daily read. :)

9. Do you have a nickname? If so, what is it?
   Do *I* have a nickname?? there anything that I haven't been called? My repertoire consists of such lovelies as: Kell-Bell, Kellie Smellie, Kelloidal, Kellonial, Ki-ki-ko-Kellie, Keek, Leeanne, Killer Whale....okay, I'll stop there. 

10. What are your favorite and least favorite foods?
    Favorite food/s: pizza and ice cream. Least favorite food/s: onions, carrots and seafood.

11.What's the most played song on your iPod?
   I have to admit it to being A Thousand Years either by Christina Perri or Glee Cast. Or Piano Guys rendition. Yes...I have three different versions of it!

1) Can you do a cartwheel?
2) If you had to be a movie character at a costume party, who would you pick to dress as?
3) Would you rather go up in a hot air balloon or go kite surfing?
4) What was the FIRST and the last movie you've seen in theaters? What do you plan on seeing next?
5) Is there any color you won't wear?
6) If you were getting married right now, what song would you pick as your bridal recessional? Fun and petty? Meaningful and spiritual? Classical or pop? Live or canned?
7) What drink do you drink the most?
8) Do you wear sunglasses? If so, how many pairs do you own?
9) Would you rather run one mile or walk three?
10) Do you prefer the singing of Frank Sinatra or Fred Astaire?
11) Suppose you're a phenomenal singer and dancer - if you were to be in a musical, which musical would you want to be in and what character would you like to play?

 Now, I realize that not everybody likes to fill out these things on their blogs, so please do not feel any obligation to participate if I nominate you! Just know that I put your name down because I appreciate you, your blog and our bloggy friendship! Also - if I didn't nominate you but you're like, "Oh, I wish I could answer her questions!" - then please do! Just answer any of these questions down in my comment section. I'd LOVE to make this a big random facts/questions & answers post for anybody who wants to comment or participate!

*drum roll*

& Brea (even though your blog is private, I still pick you because you're just amazing that way!)


  1. Kellie, this was a blast to read!

    Candy wrapper collection? That is unique - goes to show one how quickly a kid loses interest, right!? LOL!

    Color me jealous about your fast-reading; I keep reading at the pace of a turtle! It's annoying.

    Great TV show picks.

    Thanks bunches for including me in your "nominees"; appreciate that, Kellie. These are always fun. And your blog is a wonderful journal that is a reflection of your genuine thoughts. Thanks for being such an honest blogger who we can relate too. :)

  2. Oooo, thank you!! I'll have to pout on my fancy smachy award accepting duds and fill this out!=)

    Ditto on the I'd make a pretty good wife answer, now if only the guys around me would notice that, I'd be golden! And for my dream job, author, and my dreamiest (as in never in a million years) job I'd have to say, Broadway star! =P

    Mmm, pizza, I LOVE pizza, specifically BBQ chicken pizza!

  3. You are not going to believe this, but my least favorite foods are quite literally onions, carrots, and seafood as well. AND my favorite is pizza! Then ice cream...well, who doesn't like that? ;) I just can't believe there's someone else out there that doesn't like seafood. Everybody always gives me weird looks when I say I don't like it.

    Anyways, I had a blast reading this. You're always so fun and very deserving of a blog award. ^_^

  4. I love that you collected candy wrappers, too! I went through a short stage when I wanted to collect gum wrappers and separate the shiny part and cover my notebooks with it (weird but everyone was doing it when I was in 8th or 9th grade).

    Reading these kinds of posts are so much fun because I can discover more that we have in common! :)

    And I would also agree with you on the firefighter thing. There are some brave men and women out there who I definitely do not appreciate enough. And I'll definitely keep my eye out for cute Godly ones for the both of us, lol. :)

    And I LOVE that verse you shared. Such a good one!

  5. Rissi, I'm glad this post was a blast! I had fun writing it! And thanks for your kinds compliments on my blog- I REALLY appreciate them. Yay, I had these visions of one day having this collection of every kind of candy wrapper, along with foreign candies, etc. Which is almost-sorta cool...but maybe not. ;)

    KatySue, you know...BBQ chicken is not my favorite pizza! I have to confess to being a huge fan of the boring and traditional peperoni! Although chicken and pineapple is also quite delish, along with sausage. I really just love pizza! :D Girl, I'm sure you'll make a fab little wifey! :)

    Lauriloth?? For real? That's so totally crazy! I think seafood is the most disgusting thing to even think about eating, and onions are just soo onion-y and carrots? I seriously gag when I try and eat them! My dad used to make us freshly juiced carrot juice when we'd get sick...and it was worse than a chinese water torture to me! I'm quite positive it never helped me get better!

    Kiki, oh that's so funny! I don't think using gum wrappers for decoration ever crossed my mind...but I've never been good at coming up with original ideas! :) Cheers to fire fighters! I'll keep my eye out, too, okay? Maybe we could be next door neighbors married to fire fighters who work the same shift and then we could keep each other company on the nights they have to work!! :D

    1. Girl, that would be like a dream come true! And it would also kill two birds with one stone--marriage and meeting you! :)

  6. I also had a xanga back in the day. So funny to look back on now, and SO embarrassing!!

  7. Oh gracious. You picked me?!?! Are you sure? :D Seriously though, thank you. It's incredibly sweet of you to have even thought about me. Way to make me feel all third grade and giggle inside! (Who doesn't love to giggle anyway? No one!)

    Okay, it's kind of late so I realize the above doesn't really make sense, but I'm leaving it typed anyway.

    Meanwhile! Fun answers! I have yet to enjoy any kind of seafood myself. I haven't tried everything there is, but what I have tried? I don't like. I (and a sister-in-law) are the only ones in my family who always order chicken. Because the rest of the fam LOVES seafood and eat it often. Yeah, so I've always been the black sheep of the family when it comes to seafood. ;P

    Also? I'm giving you another award for taking your drivers test in a 12 passenger van! Yowza! I'm impressed. Very impressed. :D

  8. #11 on your fact list!!! GIRL!!! ME TOOO. i totally get it and I have a box under my desk at work to keep my feet up even tough half of the time my shoes are on the floor and i am stilly on my feet in my rolly chair. yep. i am so glad i found another "can't sit normal" friend!!!!

    also, you nominated me?!!? how sweet. thank you so much! i love your blog!

    and OMG did you watch the most recent episode of Once Upon a Time?!?! I am still freaking out!

  9. Angela, I know what you mean! Thankfully, my xanga wasn't too bad, although immaturity and stupidity is definitely laced within it's many posts!

    Kara, thankfully no one else in my family is overly keen on seafood, and even those who do usually avoid it for health or financial reasons! Which is fine by me! I'll never forget sitting next to a friend of mine while a group of us were out to dinner and his crab leg squirted me!! Ultra-grossness!

    Ohmagoodness, Elizabeth!! That's so crazy! I used to wear flats to work and I'd ALWAYS kick them off and one of the guys would ALWAYS WITHOUT FAIL stop by my office door and tease me about being barefoot! Either that or how I always have my feet elevated somehow. I'm actually cross-legged in my rolly chair right now. ;) crazy! We're practically twinks now! :D

    And no!! I'm actually a few episodes behind on Once!! I think the next episode for me is Tiny...I need to find a few hours to catch up and now after what you said, I REALLY want to!!!

  10. True Story: I didn't get my drivers license until I was 18 either... AND I took my test in our 15 passenger van. LOL!
    That van was also my only mode of transportation, when my parents sold my dad's car that I was using. My coolness factor reached an all-time low during those months. :)

    1. Erin, wow! Yes, I know about low coolness factors! Until I bought my car, I drove a DISGUSTING horrible white Pontiac hatchback, a "grandma" car or our van. I was so happy to have my own car! :) Thanks for visiting the blog and leaving a comment!


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