Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Tuesday ~ Starbucks Tuesday

Well, it's another Starbucks Tuesday here in the world of my office! Today has been a great day because....da-da-da-dum! It was the first foggy day of fall! The sun has already come out and burned it off, sadly, but it was lovely while it lasted. I, as you perhaps have guessed, absolutely LOVE fog, the thicker the better. Which is good, since we get it quite often during the fall & winter months of my portion of earthly paradise.

Today I tried something new on the recommendation of a friend who actually works at Starbucks. Namely the:

White Hot Chocolate

After getting to my office, I pulled of the lid to take my usual picture and I thought for a second perhaps there had been a mistake, because residing in my cup was what looked like, well, just a cup of milk. And I'll admit that it tasted very similar to a very sweetened cup of warm milk.

  Until I got to the bottom inch, where suddenly it because very thick and tasted very strongly of pure white chocolate. Lesson to be learned here? Keep that drink moving! Don't let the chocolate settle on the bottom of the cup. I did enjoy the flavor and I think I'd at some point enjoy it again sometime, but with the reminder to keep it stirred.

I have decided that there will be a Starbucks Tuesday link-up on the FIRST Tuesday of the month! So, keep your camera phones handy when you drink your next specialty beverage and plan on linking up with me for a coffee date...

NEXT week, November 6th!


  1. I finally got to Starbucks on Saturday and enjoyed a white chocolate frap. Yummy was it tasty. ;D

    1. Isn't it now? White Chocolate is usually my favorite!! Glad you got to finally get a Starbucks!! :)

  2. Nice! Went to Starbucks last Wednesday {one day late! :P } &...well hey. I just posted about it. LOL


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