Monday, October 29, 2012

Monday ~ October Civil War Reenactment

Without fanfare and to-do, here are some pictures from this past weekend! It was a lovely weekend doin' that thing we do, seeing friends we haven't seen in awhile, hearing familiar battle sounds, etc. And of course, that special swish-swish of wearing long skirts and lace-up boots. Many thanks to mom's mad photo skills on these pics!

The four single ladies of the 43rd Virginia Cavalry! (Katheryn, neighbor/church friend/honorary family member K, me, Karis - we just happen to all have names starting with "k," haha)

Not my best hair day, but hey, whatevah...

 I love pictures taken from the back, because I love the sight of our dress hems skimming the ground so prettily!

My boys in Confederate gray! At least some of them are my boys.

Stuart, my youngest brother

Soldiers relaxing between battles

Joseph, neighbor/church friend/honorary family member

Battle aftermath. That's my brother Scott (that's Corporal to you) being helped off the field. 
(And I love having palm trees on our battle field. *grin*)

She's a lovely young lady.

My mother.

Stuart was unit/brigade flag bearer. So proud of him! So proud of all my boys!

 Eating frozen lemonades and yogurt to cool off.

My hands down favorite battle is the Twilight battle. It's so real, because the dense fog from the cannons and guns can literally be seen creeping across the field, obscuring the soldiers except for hazy silhouettes. As you see flashes of light from the rifles and cannons and hear the groans from the wounded, it's easy to grasp onto the sobering reality of battle.

Evening around the camp fire. My favorite time of day!

Yes, it's this pretty. Don't you wish you could do this?? :)

Contact your nearest Civil War reenactors guild and join the fun yourself! Really, it's a blast!


  1. LOVE,LOVE,LOVE. Those pictures of the foggy battlefield....OH MY GOSH!! Love it! What reenactment was that? I love seeing other reenactors pictures...keep them coming! =)

    1. Thanks, Emily! I love seeing other's reenactment pictures, too! I always get excited when I find fellow blogging reenactors. It gives me inspiration. :)

  2. These pics are delightful! I absolutely love the night pics with all the candles/lights lit and fires going...Do you mind me asking what lens you use for night pics? These came out so great!! I have a hard time taking pics in low light...blahhh Anyway this looks like so much fun. I used to live half hour from Gettysburg and I LOVED going there. Literally like stepping back in time...I remember going into one home and the reenactment was actually going on around us in the house as we went through each room with the tourguide... and upstairs in the attic they were shooting guns off and the whole thing was really quite amazing and so authentic!!!

    1. Wow! What a fantastic Gettysburg experience! I was there about 6 years ago but that was prior to my actual involvement with reenacting so I really didn't grasp (or sadly, care) about the historical significance. NOW, on the other hand, I really anticipate someday going again!

      These particular night pictures were taken by my mom, but I pretty sure that she just used the kit lens that came with our Canon camera, the 18-55mm lens, no bells, whistles, or anything special. What we do when we shoot night with this lens or any other lens, in order to get a VERY SLOW shutter speed (wish as you'll know, lets in more light), we use our tripod. That way we're not jiggling the camera making everything all smeared. I also have a fixed lens with a 1.8 aperture that allows A LOT more light into the sensor without having to jack down your shutter speed (I used that lens for the recent pictures that I took at our barn dance I posted). Knowing mom, she'd probably have used the 18-35mm lens with tripod, but it's possible she might have used the 1.8, but I'm putting my money down on the 18-55mm. Hope that helps! I'm TERRIBLE at night pictures - the only way to really do it is wit a tripod.

    2. Oh that is very helpful, yes indeedy! I need to for sure invest in a sturdy tripod. I had a nice one but in my last move, I'm not sure where it traveled to. We clearly did not make the move together :) I have the kit lens too, so that is encouraging that I can get the same effects with some better technique...I will for sure have to experiment once I get a new tripod. Thanks so much for taking the time to answer my're photos are super on this blog...really makes me want to whip my camera out and keep persevering! :)))

      Oh and you must get back to Gettysburg as soon as you can, you will enjoy it so much more now, I'm sure! If you do you must go to the Blue Tavern they have the world's best fish and sweet potato fries (with powdered sugar) yummy :)


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