Saturday, November 24, 2012

Saturday ~ Time Off & Time Lords

I know it's been pretty quiet around this place the past week, but actually, it's been pretty quiet around my life as a whole! By chance, I've had this past week and this coming week off of work, and so, it's basically been a mini-vacation for me. I've had time to catch up on a few books that I've been wanting to read and watch a few movies. And by "few" I mean four entire seasons of Doctor Who, the entire Star Wars saga and a large handful of other miscellaneous films. I make no apologies. Shameless, I know. But I blame it on the Doctor and his blasted Tardis. He started it. **wink wink**

The above picture is a good depiction of my stagnant life here lately. Seasons 2-5 of Doctor Who, drinking yummy drinks (in this instance, hot cider) and eating good food (such as the most amazing gingerbread men ever, thank-you-Trader-Joes-and-to-Amanda-J-who-first-bought-them-for-my-sister!).
So, if things seem quiet on the blog and you want to find  me....look for me on the couch stuffing my face with food I shouldn't be eating and a glassy-eyed look on my face as I figuratively travel the universe with a time lord. This is the life.


  1. Hehe, sounds like you're having a good week! I need to sit down and watch Star Wars one of these days, I have yet to make it past the sand planet in the first one.....

  2. Ooooh Kellie!!!!!!!!!! WHY DIDN'T YOU INVITE ME?! Really girl...I would have even brought you a complimentary starbucks.... lol Looks like a great way to chill for the day! Having a weekend off is the BEST EVER feeling. :) Enjoy DW without me!


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