Thursday, November 8, 2012

Thursday ~ Thanksgiving Invasion 2012

Better late than never is the motto of the month! Tonight mom and I (official chief decorators of our home!) pulled out the Thanksgiving decorations box and got to work. It's always a thrill to take out the Orange Boxes (yes, capitalized!) and unwrap the trappings of Thanksgiving Past, Present and Future. Some of the family was gone, so it was just mom, myself, Ryn and Stuart. Team Thanksgiving!

 And of course, in typical fashion...we couldn't quite do it without some "encouragement," hehe. :) What's our favorite seasonal cup o' encouragement??

{eggnog, of course!}

{I had several of these beauts!}

{guess who was excited about eggnog??}

{when I was young, my mom made these "Pilgrim Dolls" with rafia cloth and glass bottles and they have and will be for all of eternity our official Thanksgiving centerpieces.}

{aren't they amazing??}

{my special glass pumpkins I've bought over the past few years. I love the reminders on them}

{after all the decorating was over, we had one last round of Holiday Cheer - that's our family's "code word" for eggnog **grin** }


  1. Loved it! Eggnog in GOBLETS, of course! I loved the picture of you eggnogging! We used to have some of those raffia dolls, but I don't think we have them anymore, and they weren't Pilgrim ones.
    Love the pic of you, Stu, and Katheryn :)
    Isn't fall just too short?

  2. Looks super fun and I love all your decorations! And now I have a hankering for some holiday cheer of my own..... =)

  3. Yay for Thanksgiving and Fall and all the decorations that go with them! Great pictures :) And yes, the dolls your mom made are amazing! Love them too. Oh and of course, I love whenever I get to see your face on here. You are beauty-FULL! :)

  4. M- Yes! Fall is WAY to short!! And goblets are the BEST way to drink anything, especially eggnog! ;)

    KatySue- Gral, get yourself to your nearest grocer and get some holiday cheer! I had some during my bible reading in our toasty warm, newly decorated living room this morning and it was perfect!

    Brea- Ah, shucks. **blush** Are you going to decorate your little nest this year??

  5. I don't know....maybe a little? We've pulled out a few things in the category of Fall decor. Maybe pics will show up on the blog sometime ;)


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