Tuesday, July 19, 2011


This post is going to have absolutely no "purpose" other than to tell you about a movie I just fell in love with. A purely frivolous thing to write about, but when I love a movie...I really love a movie and it totally embeds itself it my soul until something else takes it place. I blame it on hormones. =) I'm usually pretty careful about what movies I endorse, because I know it's such a varied topic of standards for different people, and especially since my own standards fluxuate. But...I'm gonna risk it this time! =)

My new favorite movie is:
Ice Castles (2010)

I wish the cover wasn't quite so "provocative" of romance, but since there IS romance in the story, I guess it's ok. This is the 2010 remake of the old 70's original movie Ice Castles, and the music itself is amazing! I've never been one to aspire to figure skating, but I still totally love watching other people doing it and so this movie was up my alley.

It's about a girl who skates (duh). She's begins professionally competing and leaves her small Iowa hometown to follow that dream. But the pressure of professional skating and all it's glitter and glam get to her, and things kinda start falling apart. Then something happens, and she is left with a physical handicap (since I had no idea that it was going to happen when I watched it, I wont say what it was on here, since it was kinda fun not knowing until it happened). Through the efforts of her supportive family and boyfriend, she learns to overcome this handicap and continue with her dreams of skating. Ok, that's my own personal lame synopsis of the movie.

One of the things I really loves about this movie, was Lexi's (the main gal) sweet spirit. Also her supportive family. In so many movies (including the 70's original) the message on the screen is to defy your authority and "follow your dreams." Lexi here gets to follow her dreams, but with her family right there helping and encouraging her.

And then there's the romance...despite it being really sweet, I really loved how the Nick totally poured himself out for her and believed in her. He had a strength of character that was really admirable.

And last but not least...my new favorite song sung by Britt Nicole (yah, a Christian artist!) "Through the Eyes of Love." My new favorite song on repeat. =)

And drum roll...this movie is 99.9% clean. There was 1 bad word (but don't shoot me if there's a second, it definitely would NOT have been more than two), and other than the fact that she's a skater (ie. tiny too-too dresses, tight athletic pants, etc) and there's some kissing, it's a totally watchable without fast-forwarding or closing the eyes movie (unless you're young enough to think kissing is gross, haha). If you're looking for a good, chik-flik movie, definitely consider this one. =)

My only other caution, mainly for single girls, is that like I already said, there IS a sweet romance angle on the story. If you are struggling with being at peace with where God has you as a single girl, I don't think this is the movie for you. Just want to put that out there.


  1. Cool! It's totally going on my "list!" Ha ha, you know what I'm talking about: all those movies you plan on watching eventually! As a child I kind of liked the idea of being an ice skater (random confession!!), so this would be a fun chick flick to pop in! Thanks for the info! =)

  2. I'm smiling right now because I'm a romantic at heart, haha...Thanks for this...oh and I just checked youtube for the trailer and realized i saw the ending when i was flipping through the movie one day! :(


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