Monday, December 12, 2011

Amazon, Oh Amazon

I mentioned a few days ago my affinity for Amazon and Ebay. Well, I'm going to brag on a little this morning, because franklyl, I am IMPRESSED. Check this out:

I ordered something on Saturday afternoon. It came at about 6:45am this morning. Today is Monday. Have you considered that the only day inbetween Saturday afternoon and Monday morning is Sunday, a no-mail-day?? Incredible! And you're probably asking how much money I spent to get such expediant shipping. You wanna know? Well, I'll tell you! I spent nothing. Not a cent, not a dime. With purchasing from Amazon, when you spend over $25 you get FREE shipping. So, I got super-power-fast delivery for FREE. That's worth talking about!

Can I hear it for, folks? Amazon, you are my hero.

Note: the picture is merely to illustrate my devotion to the Kindle family sold on Amazon. This is not as subtle Christmas gift hint. I personally would not want a Kindle. =)

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