Wednesday, April 4, 2012


There's only one flower I like better than almond blossoms and that is lilacs. And they bloom in March.


  1. Hey Kellie, it's your cousin. Lilacs are my favorite.

    1. Ah! I hope your presence on here means you got my last letter! I was afraid it wouldn't reach you because I forgot to put the extra stamp on the letter, since I'd forgot postage went up! Ah, lilacs, my heaven on earth. =) A couple years ago I went to Papa's and went on a mass lilac harvest, and after babying them for a few years, I now have 8 thriving little lilac bushes. I love them. =)

    2. I'm in Oklahoma right now, I'm not sure about letters because I'm visiting Tim's family. I asked Kristine what your blog name was so I could look it up. It's been a while ;). I wanted to show it to my Father in Law who also has a blog (It's funny, called "In and Out of Storage" here on blog spot), yours is always so pretty. Lilacs are my favorite as well and about three years ago I ALSO went to Papa's and harvested lilacs! I have five small lilac bushes that have just started to bud. :) They smell SO lovely every year and remind me of home, even from Washington. <3


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