Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Tuesday ~ Starbucks Tuesday

Happy Starbucks Tuesday! Believe it or not, I almost drove right past the Starbucks exit this morning, but at the last minute, decided to go ahead and get my weekly beverage. You can't, after all, have Starbucks Tuesday without the Starbucks, can't you? I could have taken a picture of my bowl of cantelope, but somehow that didn't seem to quite cut it. Cantelope Tuesday? I think not.

Today was a tall Green Tea Frappuccino kind of day. Have you ever tried the Green Tea Frappuccino? If you haven't, I recommend it. It was a favorite of mine a few years back, but it had somehow fallen through the cracks of my favorite's list. It's now being bumped back up near the top.

The livid green color of the drink can be a turn off, since after all, green is the color of grass and veggies and other sorts of organicy healthy types of things that aren't usually near the top of anybody's treat list. And whereas it does have a kind of "earthy" taste, it's a very sweet and tasty kind of earthy taste! If you've yet to try the Green Tea Frappuccino, do it. I dare you.  You'll look awesome. :)

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