Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wednesday ~ Adventures in Italian Sodas

My new favorite kick is Italian Sodas. They are so tasty, so easy to make, and so classy to serve to your friends when they come over. "Can I get you an Italian soda?" Yes, it's dripping with ritz.

My Torani flavors right now consist of Peach, French Vanilla and Caramel. Needless to say, my soda options are very limited. I serve Peach. And Peach Vanilla. I tried Peach Caramel...but unceremoniously poured it down the sink. :)
 To make them: you'll need a bottle of club soda, and a goblet filled with ice. You don't have to use a goblet, but trust me, it makes the presentation and the experience that much more thrilling. And life's short - drink out of goblets. :)

 Pour your club soda into your goblet over the ice.

 Add your flavor. I add about 3.5 TBS (or if you have the pump feature on your bottle, that's still about 3 1/2 pumps). So for my delicious Peach Vanilla soda (tastes like a peachy cream soda!), I do about 2.5 TBS of peach, 1 TBS of vanilla. Stir it up. And there you have your very own Italian Soda.

For optimal enjoyment, go sit on the nearest porch swing that faces west and quietly watch the sun set, while calmly sipping on a frosty class of Italian soda. Or at least until a wasp crawls up your pants and starts stinging, in which undignified pandemonium ensues. Okay. You can stop laughing now. :)


  1. Now I'm gonna have to try this. Sound delectable :) And sorry about the wasp sting......Haha *cough cough* Haha! AHEM! SORRY :]

  2. That sounds awesome... Anything peach usually floats my boat.... I'll have to give it a try. Thanks for the idea!

  3. I always get those at Biggby in the fall (but they call them a "Yoda Soda" around here! Try it with Perrier -- it makes it taste even better for some reason! :)


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