Saturday, September 8, 2012

Saturday ~ Family Get-Together 2012

Last Saturday was the maternal family's annual get-together. As we've done each year since before I was born, we gathered all together at my grandfather's iconic "mansion." It's really not a mansion, but as a little girl, the grand 1930's two-story farm-style home was like something out of a fancy movie. It was a huge part of our growing up lives, and still holds enumerable memories today. With lots of property, yard, and pool, it's become the trademark of our entire family. And we love it.

WARNING: out of the following 25 pictures, about 15 of them contain one or more of my nieces and nephews. Just sayin'. :)

{little mooch}

{Stuart makes a great uncle!}

{watermelon face!}

 {unhappy little mooch}

{boy cousins talking about boy things}

{...boy things such as rockets, my uncle's hobby}

{daddies and their little girls}



{auntie Ryn and B-babe playing in the "jungle"}

{winners of the 2012 get-together guessing games!}

{D-boy was very ready to share}

{he was a good sharer!}

{I tried to get into the horse-shoe thing...}


 {we ended it with the 8th annual outdoor movie night. This year's was Voyage of the Dawn Treader}

{battle stations}

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  1. What a fun time!! Your nieces & nephews are gorgeous & adorable!!! <3


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