Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Tuesday ~ Starbucks Tuesday Link-Up

Happy First Tuesday of December! Which, of course, means that today is a Starbucks Tuesday Link-Up! My apologies for not giving a head's up last week, but you'll notice the absence of a Starbucks Tuesday in general. Sabbatical, doncha know. :) 

It's the first Starbucks Tuesday celebrated in December, so I went for my favorite holiday beverage of all time:

Grande' Peppermint Mocha

The Peppermint Mocha is really the coffee-drinkers equivalent of liquid Christmas! I love the cool, festive taste of the peppermint, which is strong enough (whereas not over-powering) to take away an obvious strong coffee flavor.
 **takes a sip** 

I took off the lid to take my usual picture and was slightly dismayed at the lack of presentation that this drink affords. The picture makes it look like it's been left out on the counter overnight and the ants got to it. But have no fear! Those suspicious looking dark flecks in the drink are actually small pieces of peppermint-y chocolate. Which are quite tasty.

So, this Christmas lovin' girl is soaking in the (office) Christmas spirit, sipping on some liquid Christmas, which tastes even more festive when drank to the tune of Kristin Chenoweth's Christmas album.

Come join me, friends!!

 Here's how:
1. Post about any specialty beverage that you had today or this week.
2. Include a picture or two! Phone pictures not only accepted but almost expected. *grin*
3. I’d be delighted if you’d include the “Starbucks Tuesday Link-up” picture seen above, but it is by far not required to join me!
4. Once you’ve posted your drink, hop back on over here to my blog. See the little “Simply Linked” gizmo down on the bottom of this post? Fill that baby out!
5. Hit “submit” and watch me jump up and wave as I see you walk through the door!


  1. As long as it tastes yummy... what else matters!? :D

  2. Shoot. I missed Tuesday which means I have no excuse to buy myself a Starbucks. Bummer. lol. I bought my sister that CD! And...since I forgot to give it to her, and haven't mailed it, I'm strongly contemplating tearing it open so I can listen to it back and forth from work! :D And of course...I love Peppermint Mocha (but ONLY from Starbucks. McD's is like peppermint puke. lol)

  3. Btw....don't ever drink the McD's Peppermint Mocha. It's like....throwup. Ew.

  4. Hey, Kelle! Just wanted to let you know that I attempted to join your linkup last week, and no matter how many times I tried, it wouldn't post me. :( Don't know what's going on... maybe it just hates ME lol! Anyway... http://www.taleia.blogspot.com/2012/12/starbucks-tuesday-link-up.html :)


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