Monday, February 11, 2013

Monday ~ Songs of Looooove

So, it's Day Five of my gal Meghan's Single Ladies Blog party and since I'm low on life stuff to actually write about...I'm joinin' in on the music lovin' fun happening over there! Objective? Write a list of some of your favorite sappy sonnets! And for the record, do you know how hard it is to think of you favorite love song on demand? It's like when someone asks you what you did this week and you stand there with a blank expression on your face as you desperately try and remember what you've been doing. That's how I feel trying to work out this list. I know I'll probably post this and in an hour be like "What?? How could I forget THAT SONG?" But's a go (with some bonus random pictures from the past few days):

Rather Be With You
by Joshua Radin
This is my song. My song. I fell in love with this song a few years ago when I first heard it and still adore it to this day! It's my ringtone on my phone and it's there to stay. :)

I See the Light
by Mandy Moore & Zachary Levi (from Disney's Tangled)
I'm telling you, this song gets me every time... how is it possible for an animated scene to be so romantic?

God Gave Me You
by Dave Barnes and only Dave Barnes
So, this song is pretty popular, I know...but there's one line in this song that hits home for me in a very, very, very personal way and so I love it.

The Anne of Green Gables theme
by Hagood Hardy (Instrumental)
Okay, I know I'm not the only girl out there who has considered walking down the isle someday to this song. Come now, 'fess up. ;)

{timelord science}

Through the Eyes of Love
only the version sung by Britt Nicole (from Ice Castles remake)
Fell in love with this song before I realized how popular it used to be for weddings (I hate being mainstream!), but ya know, ya just can't help fallin' in love...and am still so sad that this version of the song has never been released for purchase! Because it's awesomely romantic.

Never Alone
by Jesse Bonanno
Not necessarily a couples love song per se, but still a totally-amazing-makes-you-want-to-cry-it's-so-sweet love-ish song. If you've not heard this song, then you really, really need to.

{the wee niece-ling Little E. Gotta love that arched eyebrow!)

To Where You Are
version done by Chloe Agnew (of Celtic Woman)
So pretty. Although not a couples love song again, but it's definitely awash with some lovin'...

Candle on the Water
sung by Anneliese Van der Pol (cover of song from Disney's Pete's Dragon)
Despite the fact my sister hates this song, I love it! Not sure why, but I just do. Raise your hand if you're a Disney sucker like me...

{the growing-oh-so-fast Little B, who spent the night on Friday. Who also crawled into my bed in the middle of the night and let me tell you, can this girl sprawl! I ended up spending the night sleeping in the crack between my bed and the wall. Literally. But I'll say was so worth it to wake up and have her snuggling against my shoulder. *happy sigh*}

Count on Me
by Bruno Mars 
(this is the only Bruno song I have, I'm not an endorser of his music, just sayin')

So Close
by Jon Mclaughlin (from Disney's Enchanted)
So, it's actually a song about NOT being able to be in love...but it's at the most romantic part of the movie, so I see it as entirely romantic! Plus, it's like the theme song for all of my life's romances!

{my new favorite nail polish color! Turquoise!}

Something 'Bout Love
by David Archuleta
This is the song my sister and I turn up loud in the car and belt out to.

Walk Me Down the Middle
by Band Perry
Not necessarily the "make sure that she sees" part (let's be above that, ladies!), but the rest of it.

{I'll give most any fairy-tale parallel story a try, sine I love fairy-tales so much! Turning the story of Cinderella into a steampunk/Star Wars style story was definitely out of the box, but surprising....I found myself enjoying it! It was very well done...for Cinderella actually being a cyborg! *laughs because I can just see the look on your face!*}

by Uncle Kracker
Once again, NOT an endorser of his music, but this particular song selection is, of course, iconic amongst the love songs of today.

I Won't Give Up
by Jason Mraz
Yah.....I guess I fell for mainstream on this one...

and of course, in another vein of love song entirely but still the truest of loves...

You Are My Sunshine
sung by me to my nieces & nephews 
Because they get all my pent-up love that has nowhere else to go and I do love them sooo much!

This is, of course, not an exhaustive list by ANY MEANS...but it's a few of my favorites! What are some of yours? I'm always in the mood for a good love song. :)


  1. comment or not to comment since there's a lack of a letter in my inbox. ;) Just giving you loving grief, my friend!
    Looking *great*, btw--that yellow is a gorgeous color for you!
    I've heard of about half of these{?!} & concur with you on each one...with the exception of God Gave Me You. I prefer it country-ized by Mr. Shelton, m'self.
    Love ya gral! <3

  2. I'll need to look that book up as faerie stories and steampunk are two of my favorite things! =)
    I love So Close and I See the Light, I hit repeat a lot when they come on!

  3. Megs: Gral, it's sitting in your inbox right this minute! Fashionably late, we'll put it that way. :) That yellow dress is one of my favorites! And sistah, I wouldn't have expected anything less than you loving the country version!

    KatySue: Well then, haste to the library! I think you'd really enjoy Cinder and I'm not even steampunk kind of girl!! And I know, right? So Close and I See the Light are u-mazing songs!! I could almost listen to them all day long!

  4. Um, so I'm pretty sure we'd really get along, girl! Seriously, I love your taste in music! I definitely go back between going mainstream and being original. Sometimes mainstream is just the way to go when it comes to good music!

    p.s. Your niece(s?) are super cute. That arched eyebrow is adorable. You have such a great eye for photography and your outfit is super cute, too! :)

    1. Haha, so true! It's those super-amazing-gotta-love-em songs that go mainstream...and those are usually the ones that I find myself loving! But I guess I have enough originality in my music lovin' to balance it...also being a big fan of celtic, folk, bluegrass, etc. :) Yup, both those little beauties are my nieces - two out of the five girls who get to call me Auntie. Thank you for complimenting my photography! It's a fun hobby and always a work in progress! Yours is wonderful, too! I noticed it right away when I was on your blog! I'm sure I can learn some tips from you! :)

  5. Wow, Kellie! So many of these are awesome! Love Tangled. Love 'So Close.' 'God Gave Me You' is fabulous also. :)

    Your photos are absolutely terrific too. Those self-portraits are adorable, girl. :)


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