Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Wednesday ~ A Little Bit of My House & Other House-y Stuff

Happy Wednesday! Today I just have a few random snapshots of my morning, taken in the few spare moments between eating my bowl of Life cereal and bolting out the door to my car. Pictures have, sadly, been put on the back-burner of my life the past week, especially as I still don't have internet at my new house or my photo editing software installed on my laptop.

{ a small glimpse of my room in it's temporary state before I get the rest of my furniture // my sweet smelling rose candle from Ikea }

{ family and friends }


Because there's just been so much going on and so many little things swirling around in my head, I'm going to take advantage of what other blogger's have been doing and do a "collage" of thought:

Concerning housewarming: I'm now the very happy owner of my very own tv! My sister Kristine and brother-in-law Mark knocked my socks off by giving me a tv for my birthday/house-warming/just-because-they're-amazing present.  Mark & Co. came over last night to help set it up and we (me and my sister Katheryn, who was spending the night just because we do that kind of fun stuff) gave it it's maiden movie-watching voyage on "The Ruby in the Smoke." Which we both highly enjoyed and I'm sure my liking it had nothing to do with Matt Smith or JJ Field playing prominent roles. Really, I'm sure it didn't.

Concerning anniversaries: Yesterday was my one week anniversary of moving out. I planned on "celebrating" it by actually not going Home.. Because, even though I've moved out, I've still gone Home for either dinner, hanging out, packing up stuff or to celebrate birthday eve's every single day since then. But Mom called yesterday afternoon and said I'd gotten some packages in the mail, so I just had to go home. But that's okay. I was missing them a lot yesterday, so I sorta wanted to go home anyway. :)

Concerning music: Been listening to Plumb lately and really enjoying her style.

Concerning cats: Can I just take a moment and confess how much I miss my cats? Because I really, really, really, really, really do miss them. I have a soul-connection with cats and not having them around for the first time in my whole life is really causing some strong internal anguish! Yes, I know...I'm that crazy cat lady.

Concerning Paint: if anybody out there is thinking of painting their walls a light shade of gray, consider Benjamin Moore's Stonington Gray. It's gorgeous. It makes you happy just walking into the room. I may or may not have actually hugged my wall a time or two...

Concerning crock pots: does anybody have any good crock pot recipes that aren't full of onions, peppers, tomatoes and other such ingredients? This picky eater is embracing the wonders of a crock pot and I need some good recipes! Specifically ones that can be eaten for lunch the next day, too.

Concerning cyber mistakes: I think if I were to look up the word "panic" in the dictionary this morning, I would read:

The act of thinking you sent a highly sensitive and enormously confidential email to the very person you did NOT want to send that email.

And if I were to look up the word "relief," it would say:

Finding out you didn't.

With that, I'll be done. Have a good day, my cyber and not-so-cyber friends! What are you "concerning" about today?


  1. Aw--I love all of ^this^, & all of ::YOU::
    You will let me know once you get WiFi in your new house, right? ;) Purely selfish reason...but your room looks great, & it will continue to come together SO nicely as you get settled & I am SO glad you're so happy & embracing this new move & independence. Makes me really wish I could visit you.
    Plumb's "How Many Times" is a *great* anointed & it's one of our favorites...
    Your Stonington Gray looks great--I'll let you know which color paint we finally decide on. ;)
    In that ^link^ are hundreds of delicious crock pot meals...we have both of the author's crock pot cookbooks & have not been disappointed once yet. In fact, we have her brown sugar chicken simmering in our crock right now!
    Lots of love, gral--& wait till I email you back about my "insert foot into open mouth" moment. ;)

    1. Oh, Megs, I'm cringing already! I hate those foot-eating moments!! And okay, brown sugar chicken sounds AMAZING!! I am totally saving that website and I'm sure I'll be haunting it!!

      Gral, I so wish that you could come visit!! Seriously, it would one big party! What are girl houses for? My town's got a great little coffee shop (plus Starbucks, of course!) and we could go and chit-chat over our favorite beverages! Although, you'd have to decide whether you wanted to come for the dance OR during one of our Civil War reenactment weekends!


    2. ::hugs::
      My story could've been worse...but I berated myself all the way home from church for blowing it! LOL ::shrug:: Guess it's a lesson in paying attention & not thinking too hard about what I would say next...aaagh! Gotta email you!!! ;)
      The website is fantastic--& I'm sure any Barnes & Noble or places like that have her two books if you like hard copies. Last Monday I made Coconut Beef over rice--it was delicious, & I made a curry that even my Dad liked!
      Oh my word...a visit would be SO cool, you have no idea. ;) And Mum's sitting over here yelling from two rooms away, "Tell her she's welcome here ANY time!" LOL We will have to see if God makes a way & carves out time for us this year, or most certainly next year.
      ::hugs back::

    3. Thanks, Mrs. Gorecki!! I feel the love all the way over here! If I am able to make to your neck of the woods this year, I'd still love to find some way of making a memorable meeting possible!

      Looking forward extra much to your email now! :D

  2. Happy 1 Week Anniversary to you! I definitely would have celebrated with my family--what better way to celebrate? :)

    And I LOVE your room! Painting my room grey is on my summer to-do list (so I can paint with my sisters and we can help paint each other's rooms, too) so I'll have to keep that paint color in mind! It's beautiful, girl!

    And thank goodness relief was the outcome of that cyber moment! I've definitely had my fair share of those kinds of moments!

    1. Thanks, Kiki! For some reason, the pictures lend a slightly greenish tint to the wall color, but it's really quite cool and crisp! When you're picking colors, I'd be happy to snail-mail you an actual paint splotch or something! Picking a gray is VERY hard and I HIGHLY recommend getting the samples! Gray turns blue or purple VERY VERY fast!! I found that having more of a "brown" undertone instead of a "blue" undertone helped get the right kind of gray and helped it not turn out like a light blue! Happy paint hunting!! That's such a fun way to spend time with your sisters! I haven't "met" your sisters on your blog yet! You should introduce them! :)

    2. I know exactly what you mean and agree with you on how easily grey can turn blue and purple. My room color (from like six or seven years ago) is currently purple and it definitely turned out way different than I thought! I will definitely keep the brown undertone tip in mind, though! :)

      And yes, they'll make an appearance on the blog sometime. I've posted photos of them here and there, but I guess I haven't done it in awhile! Now I just have to annoy them into taking a sister photoshoot. :)

    3. Yay! Being a big fan of sisters, I'd love to "meet" yours! Maybe I'll do a special "introduction" post for mine sometime...although they've already made a lot of appearances on the blog. But oh well. I like to brag on my family. ;)

  3. Happy one-week anniversary! And congrats on the new TV! I very much enjoyed Ruby in the Smoke...mostly because of Matt Smith, but ya know...The second film in that series is also pretty good. And speaking of Matt Smith, is that a wee TARDIS I spy on your bookshelf?(:
    I love Plumb's music, particularly her newer stuff. I like her style and the meaning and depth of her songs. And they're very good for singing along to!

    Decked Out in Ruffles

    1. Why yes, it is a baby TARDIS! My younger brother made it for me and it's actually quite fantastic! The top comes off like a lid so I can put stuff inside of it! He did an absolutely incredible job on it!

      Katheryn and I are eagerly looking forward to getting our hands on Shadow in the North, although I'm sad they didn't complete the trilogy and make the third book into a movie! I'm reading the books right now.

  4. *gasp* Look at all the natural light in your room! That's one of my very favorite things to have in any house! And you have a bookshelf! Yay! It all looks like such a homey, happy place :) Need.More.Pictures. :)

    1. The lighting IS great in my room...although only in the mornings! And yes, hehe, getting a bookshelf was pretty much #1 on my list! I couldn't possibly move without taking some of my favorite books! I hope to get another identical one for more books. Since I still have boxes at home...and a huge box of children's books, that have become my most recent obsession. :D

      It's hard to get pics of the room, since I only have the 50mm lens and I just can't get a good "scope" picture of everything, since I can't back up far enough...the picture through the door was the best I could do! But I'll borrow mom's lens sometime so on and take more! Hope to be getting my bed and desk soon! Then the real decorating begins. :D

  5. Speaking of editing software...what do you use to edit your pictures?? I very much enjoy listening to Plumb as well! Are you allowed to have cats at your place?
    You know what? You remind me So much of my Pastor's daughter. She is single and in her late 20's as well and she's even a barista at Starbucks! :) So you share the same love of Starbucks. Some of the things you say totally makes me think "Karen would so say that!" Especially the part about hugging the walls... :)

    1. Sounds like I have a twin, Madison! :D

      No, I can't have any pets at my house, at least of the furry variety! I do plan on getting a goldfish as soon as I actually have a good surface for a bowl to sit on. But goldfish just don't have that same connection with me as I do with cats. Oh well! Just another reason to keep me going home, to get my cat fix! :D

      I typically use the editing software called Lightroom, but when I'm not at home and able to access Lightroom, I just use! That little online gadget can hold it's own! :)

    2. Yep I use Lightroom too! I love it! Thank you tons for introducing me to PicMonkey! I have made uncountable things on there already. I've also made quite a few graduation invitations for families in my church using PicMonkey :)

    3. Picmonkey IS indeed so amazingly handy! Even though I'll always, of course, prefer Lightroom, little Picmonkey isn't too shabby of a substitute! :)

  6. I love Ruby in the Smoke! Wait, Matt Smith is in the movie? I knew about Billie Piper...I must go and watch it again! Did you know there is a sequel? I just found out about that myself!

    You should totally check out the books the movie was based on! Book lover that I am I think the books are better.....but then again, there are only two of three book to movie translations where I actually think the movie is better! ;-)

    Congrats on making it a week! Of course there will be visits home and you must pick up your very important packages!

    Love the room color and whoo-hoo for amazing sisters and new TVs!!

    I've been hankering for some new tunes, maybe I'll look that gal up! I'm just assuming girl, though I guess it could be a guy....but I digress, I guess I'll just have to look him/her up!! =)

    1. Oh, Katysue, you just made me laugh! I love your comments, they always bring a smile to my face!

      Yes!! Matt Smith plays Jim! And yes, I do know about the sequel and I'm trying to get my hands on a copy of it! And yes, I'm also reading the books, I'm several chapters into Ruby in the Smoke and so far, I'm loving it!! Of course, having the lovable faces of Matt and JJ to fill in the imagination's gaps for Jim and Fred does enhance the reading experience.

  7. :) i just love your pretty toes in those pretty sandals!

  8. HAHAHA about panic :) and lol at everything else you said

    1. Lol....yah, that panic should concern you. ;)

  9. Wall hugging is perfectly okay in my book! I may or may not hug my books and/or laptop and/or car on occasion. But you didn't hear it from me! ;P

    Congrats for making it a week! And just so you know, I think the fact that you and your family are so close with each other is wonderful and awesome and fabulous. I don't have sisters, so I can only imagine how lovely they are. Visit all the time! You know that saying? "You can never go home again" or something like that? SO not true! Go home all the time! :D

    1. Kara, I have to be right there along with you! When I bought my first car a few years ago, I actually kissed in on repeated occasions, I was just so thrilled to finally have my own car and that car specifically!

      And I honestly can't even begin to say how thankful I am that I CAN go home whenever I want to! I have such a wonderful family! There was no "once you're gone, you're gone" mentality, but rather "come home any time, drop by after work, spend the night, come eat food" etc, which I know in today's secular culture, that's not the norm! And I'm so glad that I have such an "easy fix" to when I'm missing them - I can just go visit anytime! Which I'm going to do this very day after work...because I miss them. :)

  10. Love your cute little place and all those details! Also, how adorable are you in that mirror shot?! Loved this little glimpse into your place. Oh, and as for cats, I'm going to miss mine like crazy when I move out someday! He follows me around and just sits next to me all day when I'm home from school on the weekends. He's such a lazy little sweetheart :)

    1. Julie, I love your cat already! We've never really had house cats before, since we (my family) have always been renters, but I've always longed for that cozy cat that would follow me around and just love to be around me! Our outdoor cats are amazing and they sit on the porch steps and come "visit" us when we go outside (or occasionally "sneak" into the house...wonder how that happens *wink*), but one day I do hope to have an indoor cat that's of the snuggly variety! :)

  11. Kellie, this post is LOVELY! So glad you are settling in well with this move. Your "snapshot of Wednesday" is fun - and your photos great.

    Gray walls? Yep, they're awesome! Love how mine turned out as well. :)

    Oooh! Hooray for fun new electronic gifts. A new TV does sound fun. ;) And you watched Ruby in the Smoke!? Yay! Glad you and your sis liked it - it's a fun mystery plus (bonus!), it is set back in the Victorian era to say nothing of a fun cast. :)

    (PS: Thank you, my friend for the review shout-out! Appreciate it.)

    1. Ah, thanks, Rissi! I'm trying to remember to pull out the camera again now that I'm settled into the new groove of what daily life is going to be!

      And now that I've got my own tv...maybe I'll consider getting a Region 2 dvd player. Opens up a whole new world of possibilities, eh? :D

  12. Lovely and interesting post!

    Here is an excellent crockpot recipe, if you like sweet potatoes that is!

    Chicken (However much you need/want
    Sweet potatoes, not pealed, just scrubbed clean.

    Put chicken in the bottom of the pot and season generously with whatever chicken-y seasoning you have on hand. We use either a whole chicken, or boneless & skinless chicken, but whatever works. Do not add water or broth.
    Next. Without pealing, cut up sweet potatoes in big chunks. Drop on top of chicken and put lid on.
    Cook until it is all soft and tender.
    The amounts could easily be tweaked for a one person meal. We just put in enough meat for our family, then cram as many sweet potatoes in on top as possible.

    This is seriously amazing, it all simmers and stews and is just Perfect! One of my favorite "easy" meals to make.

    1. Thank you so much, Holly! This looks so nice and easy!!


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