Thursday, June 13, 2013

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The Unadulterated ABC's of Your's Truly
...because I get a ridiculous pleasure out of filling these things out. I mean, who doesn't like to talk about them self?

Ambition: “…to keep in good health and not die.” – name that book/movie. Any of the 28 movie adaptions will do.

Bad Habit: pulling too far into a parking space. It comes from having driven a 12 passenger van for so long and being paranoid about the over-sized back-end sticking out into traffic.

Celebrity Crushes: James McCavoy has been my old-faithful for some years now, although Andrew-Lee Pots (courtesy of Alice and too many Primeval marathons) is taking up current residence at the moment. But one must not forget Chris Hemsworth, either.

Drink: Route 44 sized Barq’s Root Beer (somehow it tastes so much better out of a Sonic cup!) or Cherry Coke (the liquid taste of movie theatre!)

Education: High School diploma, baby. And that’s it.

Food: well, I’m snacking on peanut button out of the jar right now, but what I’d really like to be having is a plain double-double from In-n-Out.

Guilty Pleasure: an entire container of Moose Tracks ice cream more times than I care to share with you.

Hometown: A little town in a big world.

Ice Cream:  Either Moose Tracks (refer to Guilty Pleasure above) OR my childhood favorite – the orange sherbert/vanilla stuff with Magic Shell (a more recent addition). Delish.

Jonesing For:  for the fall – when Season 7 of Doctor Who is finally released as a complete set instead of those silly Part  One and Par Two’s that BBC is getting fond of. It’s getting harder and harder not to find "spoilers" *River Song's voice* on Pinterest.

Kryptonite: Super Saver Shipping. The worst genius idea ever. “Oh I just need 37 cents to get free shipping. Okay, I’ll add this $14.99 movie.” Sad, but true. *looks lovingly at mighty dvd collection*

Look-a-like: back when I wore my hair super short, I got Meg Ryan a LOT. But I’m not as skinny as I was then...

Movie:  I can’t pick one, but some favorites are: Anne of Green Gables (for the old-fashioned girl inside me), any and all superhero movies (for my inner super-woman), BBC’s Doctor Who/Primeval (keeping the inner nerd happy), Penelope (best movie kiss), BBC’s Merlin (for when I need some magic), and Beauty & the Beast (for the young, idealistic soul within). List is not extensive.

Nickname: with a name like Kellie, you can only imagine all the nicknames. Kellie-Smelly being only one. Thanks, Uncle Claude. But I prefer more complimentary and tame ones like Kell-Bell or just plain Kel.

Obsessions:  honestly, my family is probably one of my greatest obsessions. After that, though, it would be my favorite tv shows. Ask my family about my marathons.

Perfume: unoriginally, it’s Love Spell by *whisper* Victoria Secret. But I’m thinking of switching to something less mainstream.

Quirk: not liking people to see what I'm eating. Not in a "I'm eating something I shouldn't" sort of way...but I just don't like people to see my food. I know. Quirk personified.

Regret: not seeing Beauty & the Beast in 3D at the theaters when it came out a few years back.  Or that back in my traveling days, I didn’t pay more attention to all the historical things I saw. I mean, come on, how often does a simple, small-town west-coaster get to see DC (twice), Gettysburg, Boston, Chicago, Savannah, the Grand Hotel on Macinaw Island, Philadelphia, and countless other places that ooze with historical significance? Shoot me.

Starbucks: Summer favorite: Green Tea Lemonade. Winter Favorite: White Chocolate Mocha (so unoriginal)

The Last Book You Read: a truly laughable work called The Quarryman’s Bride, which will have a forthcoming review in a few weeks. Currently reading Perfecting Kate and thoroughly loving it.

Unique Feature: an exceptionally long torso and waist. Sigh. I'm forever committed to the Asylum of Lengthening Undershirts.

Vacation: love them, whether they involve camping in the Redwoods with my family, road-tripping, or just hanging around the house without any schedule or work demands.

Wine: never had it, most likely never will. If I can’t say no to Cherry Coke, I don’t stand a chance against something that can truly be addictive. My choice.

X: ...just an X? Like…X marks the spot? As in a treasure map? Like in Peter Pan? Second Star to the Right and Straight on Til Morning? Which was also the names of the last two episodes of Once Upon a Time. Where Ginnifer Goodwin has amazing short hair. Which I actually have felt myself tempted to emulate. Which would make my brother-in-law give me the look. So maybe I’ll pretend I didn’t think that. And we are back at X.

Years: a whole whopping 26 of them, booyah.

Zen: sitting on our back porch swing watching the sun set or thrift store shopping. Two of life’s best therapies and relaxants.

Courtesy of Kara at Flowers of Quiet Happiness.


  1. *whisper* Victoria's Secret is one of my absolute favorite stores.

    Do you have a Lush around you? SUCH a fun store and their perfume is amazing. My favorite is...*cough*...Lust. Don't judge.

    *slinks off after totally losing my Good Christian Girl status.* ;)

    1. *snickering*

      Alexandra, I'm seriously sitting here laughing, you are way too cute and funny for me to be reading in my quiet office environment. ;)

      Back to the *shocking* things though, I've not heard of Lush before but maybe I'll google it to see if there's one around. I'd love to find a less beaten track than VS for a new smelly. Even VS has such lovely deals on their scents. Oh well, being unique has it's price. ;)

  2. **reads "X" and glares menacingly**

  3. Movie quote: Jane Eyre (and I promise I did NOT cheat) *said with a bit of hesitation while hoping to be right*

    Chris Hemsworth rocks. That's all.

    High school educated graduates unite.

    Happy to read what you said about wine; agree with you. It may be harder to say "no" but it's a lot easier to take a stand than say "yes" in even a minor way just to fit in.

    Love this post, Kellie. It's well put together friend. :)

    1. You go, girl! Yup, it's Jane Eyre. :)

      I grew up believing that wine was like one of the seven deadly sins, but as I've gotten older and I'm actually read the Word with a more mature mind that is more able to separate a particular belief from what the Word actually says, I don't see that there is anything wrong with drinking wine. But whereas I believe that, I am still hesitant to go there, 1) because it IS such a controversial subject and 2) because of many of effects that it has on people and 3) because of how so many people who have that "freedom" flaunt it around like it's their badge into the cool Christian "fast lane." personal choice has just been to avoid it, because I DO know my own weakness and should I ever develop a taste for wine, it would be bad news for me. Plus I don't even like the smell, so it's not hard that hard anyway to just say no, haha. :D

    2. Kellie - that was so perfect. Recently my list of what is Christian Liberty is has widened quite a bit from what I used to believe, and as I'm struggling to decide what to adapt to and what is "okay but not for me" can be difficult. But what you said was perfect...just because it is a Christian liberty doesn't mean I have or should do it (like kissing before marriage...I no longer think it's "wrong" but some people just have too much difficulty resisting the temptation to go further and so they don't do it, and that's okay for them, too.) Anyway, probably haven't made any sense, but I was thinking over the whole Christian Liberty issue today and then read this and it was like, wow, that was awesome. As usual! <3

    3. Thanks, Alexandra! That really encourages me!

      Definitely been in the same boat lately. I still have so much "prejudice" and legalism inside me, not because I was RAISED that way, but because I'm just a black-and-white person and so when I was younger, I tended to take things to extremes. But now, as an adult who's really been asking myself the question "who is God REALLY?" I've been slowly finding out a lot of falsities and over-zealous extremes in my belief system. In some things, my resolve has only been reinforced, in others, it's been completely changed. I mean, I used to think that somehow dying your hair was some kind of sin. I'm sure we can all appreciate the stupidity in that. :D Anyways, all that to say, I'm right there with you! I want to know GOD. Just God. And in growing up and desiring that more fully, I desire to know God APART from man's philosophies, systems and thoughts. To strip away every thing I've ever heard, learned, assumed or been taught...and go back to just me, my Bible and God. And find out just exactly who God says He is. Make sense?

      Anyways, thanks for this encouraging response!! :)

    4. Kellie - sharing my personal opinion; I don't think that if a person is a Christian and they drink wine that means they aren't a Christian but I also don't think it's wise or necessary. Why do we want to start something that could lead to something else more dangerous? There does have to be a level of trust - trust that a parent has raised their child right or trust a friend will do that right thing - but drinking (no matter how much) seems like a dangerous game. It's one I am personally not willing to be a part of - no matter how small.

      Alexandra - you always have something wise and encouraging to say!

      Jumping in...

      Never did think it was wrong to kiss before marriage but not "casually" certainly. Just like I don't want a boyfriend just for the sake of "fitting in" or being able to walk into a room on a man's arm and introduce him as a boyfriend. There is far too much danger and sorry mixed into that and I've been on the outside of one too many young marriages that two years down the road ended.

    5. Kellie - Yup, yup. Exactly where I've been in the past two years. You just hit the nail on the head. Again. ;)

      "I want to know GOD. Just God. And in growing up and desiring that more fully, I desire to know God APART from man's philosophies, systems and thoughts. To strip away every thing I've ever heard, learned, assumed or been taught...and go back to just me, my Bible and God. And find out just exactly who God says He is." ~ Couldn't put it better. :)

      Rissi - exactly. When we know that alcohol can be addictive, I don't see the wisdom in dabbling with it and risking the physical, emotional, etc. damage that comes from addiction. I'm OCD enough as it is about things I enjoy that I'm sure I would be high risk to something like that. So I'm just avoiding it. Like I said, "all things are permissible, but not all things are profitable (my paraphrase ;))." Again, I'm not setting hard and fast rules, but that's my view. :)

      And totally agree on the kissing/boyfriend issue. When/if I do kiss before marriage, it will be at a very serious point in the relationship and definitely not at a casual point. And same for the boyfriend...frankly, at this time in my life the last thing I need is more drama in my life anyway, especially relationship drama. He's going to have to be one heck of a guy for me to want to risk more drama! :-P So I agree...both are extremely serious things in my POV that are not something to jump lightly into.

      And thank you so much! I always enjoy your've always been very encouraging to me, too!

    6. Rissi: "Why do we want to start something that could lead to something else more dangerous?" A very good statement and definitely one that anyone still in should/shouldn't debate should definitely consider. But at the end of the day, it always comes back to that person and God alone. Not sure how or why, but there are many times where God calls one person to one thing and another person to yet a different point of view. Some people I know make a hobby out of wine drinking, whereas I opt out of it for the already above stated reasons and also because, like you say, there is potential for danger and damage. I specifically know my own weakness and I have seen it's negative affects on various people, hence why, for now, I've chosen to just leave that activity on the shelf. But I've definitely learned to no longer look at the people around me who drink wine as they're being in any form of sin (unless they're getting drunk or having an attitude about it - the actual swallowing of wine is no sin). It's an issue that has come up A LOT in my life and one that I've spent considerable time thinking and of course, praying about. Seeing as how I'm only 26 and still a young thing compared to all the maturity yet to come with age and more life experience, I know that perhaps somewhere down the road the Lord will lead me to a change of view, whether in further positive or greater negative on the wine issue. But for now, I'm quite happy and content with my Barq's Root Beer, easy ice. ;)

      Alexandra: hehe, I agree on the drama thing! Whereas my life may be blessedly drama-free right now, I've had enough of it in the past. It's hard for there to be drama when it's just me and my bowl of ice cream. And I like it that way. Although should a studly fire fighter came walking in singing "and at last I see the light..." I'd definitely join hands and sing along. :D

  4. Peanut butter is so addictive! On a spoon, on an apple slice, in a bowl mixed with honey and chocolate chips... :)

    I don't think I've had Moose Tracks ice cream. Is that the brand or flavor?

    I like living in the country and not in a big city. Too much concrete and steel is not pleasant. Green and blue, on the other hand, are quite pleasant. :)

    Yay for Anne of Green Gables (and Avonlea)! And numerous other mushy girly movies. :)

    I can't believe you let such a perfect opportunity to mention Muppet Treasure Island slip by! I mean you even talked about X marking the spot AND mentioned a treasure map!! Poor Jimmmy-Jim-Jimmy-Jim-Jim-Jim! :D

    1. Kerry, let me introduce you to the best thing on earth. :) Moose Tracks ice cream is the flavor, it's vanilla ice cream with mini peanut-butter cups and chocolate fudgy stuff swirled all around. There's also Chocolate Moose Tracks, Extreme Moose Tracks, Mint Moose tracks and several other flavors. Go get some. Soon. :)

      Oh maaan...I can't believe it! You're so right! How did I miss such an opportunity to throw in some Muppet quotes?? I must really be lagging behind today! :D

    2. Oh, yummy! I probably shouldn't try it then. :)

  5. That's one of my favorite Jane Eyre quotes. I love how she's not being a smarty when she says it...she's just being honest. :)

    I do the exact same thing with Super Saver Shipping. :) And I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks the kiss in Penelope is among the best film kisses...*ahem*


    1. I really just love the whole Jane Eyre story...not sure why, but I've always loved it! :)

      Hehe, glad you agree with me! I have watched that kiss more times that I've seen the whole movie. ;)

  6. Oooh how FUN this tag is!! *whispers* Perhaps I may borrow it? <3

    1. Of course! I took it from Kara who took it from someone else...after all. ;)

  7. Love this, I've been sorely lacking in blog inspiration lately! =P

    That super saver shipping is a killer!!

    1. Go for it, KatySue! Let it's creativity reign! :D

      And yes...I have a love/hate relationship with Super Saver Shipping. It's so...tempting. :)

  8. Season 7 of Doctor Who! I can't wait either (although, *I* haven't been able to stay spoiler free, unfortunately). Now I just need to start convincing my brothers to split the cost of the dvds with me...

    That pesky Super Saver! I have Prime now, and I'm convinced that it saves me money. ;-) I used to have a whole wish list dedicated to make-it-to-25-dollar items. *shakes head*

    Love your movie choices, Kellie. They are all on my top faves list, except for Primeval (which I haven't seen... are you going to be reviewing/singing its praises soon?).

    TV show marathons? Yeah, I dominate those too. (Running? Not so much.) :D I absolutely love getting to experience gigantic chunks of story without having to wait that horrible week between episodes. Usually I work on stuff for my Etsy shop when I dive into a show - so it doesn't *feel* like a waste of time - but sometimes that feels like a rather unconvincing justification for the habit. :D

    1. Oh no! You've tempted me to covet, Taylor! I've been vaguely toying with the idea of getting Prime, what with a somewhat wider tv-show-for-free range (although I now have Netflix, so that may not really be all THAT big of a perk anymore) AND of course, the free 2 day shipping. I'm sure probably soon I'll cave and get it. ;)

      I haven't had any plans to review Primeval, although it takes NO convincing to get me to start singing it's praises!! It's like a mash-up of Doctor Who (sorta) and Jurassic Park, with some really good-looking actors. Priorities, ya know. *wink* It's actually really clean, other than your "basic" language and a few times when there's a skimpy outfit (ie. camisole and panties) but even that is limited to maybe three times (literally) in the first few episodes of season 1. I know you love Doctor Who, so I'd say give Primeval a try!! Seriously. I LOVE it. Like...up there with Doctor Who and Merlin love it. :)

      Lol...running marathons will NEVER be my thing! Haha, I ran two blocks last night and was tickled pink with myself, as well as ready to collapse on the sidewalk like a beached whale struggling for breath. Haha...good for you, being productive while marathon-ing! Me? I confess that when I marathon (at least when it's a show I'm watching for the first time) I have to give it my FULL attention, and so I just curl/sprawl on my bed in front of my tv or laptop and marinate in the show.

      Taylor, I always love your comments and the lovely "chat" they give! :D

    2. Haha. I'm sorry that I almost caused you to stumble, Kellie, but.... Prime *is* awesome. ;-) I finally signed up about a month ago, mostly for the shipping speed, but the streaming is fun too. It's pretty comparable to Netflix, options-wise (possibly a little more limited?). I did cancel my Netflix subscription though, until I have time to decide which one is better.

      You're putting Primeval on the same level of awesomeness and love as Doctor Who and Merlin?! Ok, you've sold me on it. ;-)

      It sounds like you and I would make perfect “running” partners. Run 30 seconds, walk 5 minutes. ;-) Ughhh. I used to dominate our backyard games of Capture the Flag and now it's just pitiful. I gotta work on that.

      In theory, my practice of multitasking during a marathon is a good one. However, my actual productivity level ends up being pretty sad because I get really engrossed sometimes and don't want to miss any subtle details. Haha. “Marinate in the show.” Love that phraseology, Kellie! :D

      I really enjoy chatting with you too. You make me laugh and want to meet you in person someday, so that we can eat ice cream, and watch British telly, and go to re-enactments together. :D

    3. Haha, yes...running sports are a thing of my past, I fear. Hey although...I did actually don my tennies and "running" shorts and go for a run the other evening. Yup. For about two blocks. :)

      Oh, yes, girl, I am definitely putting Primeval up there with Doctor Who. Although I know that some people would probably strongly disagree with me. I'm just blessed with an eclectic tv show/movie appreciation. Give it a go and tell me what you think. I finished it last night *sniff sniff." So now I'm forever fated to enjoy it through re-watches. At least I have that. And Seasons 1 and 2 already added to my dvd collection. ;)

  9. I think every girl has gone through a love spell wearing phase... I know I did! Yearrrsssss.

    1. I know! It's SO popular, which is why I want to branch out and be a little bit more unique! Any suggestions?? :)

  10. You did your own post! Love it! Thanks for the shout out by the way. :)

    Ooooohhh, In-n-Out. Mmmmm. I didn't think I was hungry but for their fries? Their hamburgers? Mmmmmmmm.

    Yes, to Penelope, and Anne of Green Gables, and Primeval, and you know what? I'm thinking we have a lot of things in common.

    Have you read Splitting Harriet (by Tamara Leigh)? It's my favorite of hers. And she is so excellent at humor! I always laugh in her stories. :D

    And yay for passing blog ideas around! I see where a few others might try it. It's so fun!

    1. Definitely we do have so much in common and I'm thinking it's time to get together, huh? :)

      I haven't read Splitting Harriet before and I'll have to look it up! I'm really enjoying Perfecting Kate, although parts of it feel like it's dragging just ever so slightly. But I really love the humor!

  11. Loved finding more similarities between the two of us AND getting to know you a little better. This post was so much fun to read, girl!

    I, too, have never had wine, am obsessed with tv marathons and my family, and love road trips. But I think you already knew the latter two of the three things we have in common! :)

    1. Woohoo! We're twinkies, Kiki! Have I told you also that Kiki was one of my nicknames? Yup yup. :)

  12. I love your favorite movies list...I love every single one of those shows!

    I'm really annoyed about the split-up Doctor Who seasons as well. I would have rather just bought the whole thing as one, but it was only offered as two parts, and I couldn't wait because the spoilers were killing me, so I finally bought both parts. :P

    You're not missing much with wine, IMO. Though I may have just had bad wine in the past, haha! I'll take cherry coke over that any day!

    Super saver shipping used to kill me...I would always spend weeks plotting ways to get up to exactly $25. I just got Prime, though, since my uncle found out that you can share it between up to four people. It's very awesome indeed.

    Decked Out in Ruffles

    1. Ooooh! Vicki, I wish that you lived by me so that I could borrow them from you!! I really want to watch them, people keep talking about Clara and I want to meet her sooo bad!! Although I do not want to say goodbye to Ror---er, Amy and Rory. ;)

      Oooh! You can share Prime? I must tell my family. ;)

  13. Ilove your blog its so cute!!!!v Following you via bloglovin'. Heres mine :)

    1. Thanks for following, Jenna! That blessed me a lot! :)

  14. I haven't been reading as faithfully as I'd like (I still want to make-up-read two old posts you wrote, more serious ones) but I did sit and read this whole list and enjoyed it :D LOL at Asylum of Lengthening Undershirts :-P Ain't it nice they're in style!

    1. and that's the same reason why I won't drink wine/alcohol. If it's a spiritual struggle when I want to go to ChickFilA for a milkshake and know I don't need it, then I don't need to tempt something that can do more to me than make me fat.

    2. Absolutely!! Although lengthening undershirts will have to be my style, whether they're IN style or not. :)

    3. And for wine, I agree with you completely. I know my own lack of self-discipline. *looks morosely over at three 3 lb. bags of Jelly Bellies*

  15. "Asylum of Lengthening Undershirts?" Is that a movie quote or a Kellie original? You don't mean your undershirts are going loco, do you?

    1. THAT right there was a Kellie original. And no, my undershirts remain as sane as ever, although my white camisole (ie. favorite undershirt) is still escaped at large. ;)


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