Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Tuesday | Life & December Recap

Hey, there!

There are two responses to the question of "how are you?" that I absolutely despise with a passion, the first being "I'm tired" and the second being "I've been busy" The response of "I'm tired" makes you and your life sound lame, boring and lifeless and "I've been busy" sounds, well, like some kind of excuse.

And whereas I still inwardly cringe at those answers, I must admit to having come to realize the reality of why someone may actually use them! Because "busy" and "tired" are two verbs that really do describe me pretty well! But not in a bad way, just a truthful way. :)

So, it's been forever and a day since I've really given a post on here, so here's the quick update on what's happening around here:

I'm still absolutely single. My long silence has nothing to do with being "preoccupied elsewhere" in that regards (because I know some of you have been wondering, haha!) I'm still at home living with the family and working full-time as the market/produce/grocery overseer for my Target. And frankly, loving it!! It's a perfect fit for me (making decisions, calling the shots, being in charge - what more could this natural-born leader want?), but it's the number one reason for the busy and tired. I'm on my feet all day, sometimes pushing myself to my physical limits as I keep it up and running. Stop by and see me sometime!

A few things I've done lately:

I built graham cracker Christmas houses with my "Old Singles" (as I affectionately call us) group.

I've seen Frozen twice, once with my niece and once with my sister and would totally go again. People, oh people...I love that movie. Can I get any amens??

I did lots of Christmas shopping and nearly exploded with the giving and getting, since "gifts" is my love language. Now you know why Christmas and birthdays are so special for me. :)

Spent as much time as I could celebrating Christmas in my own quiet way. Time to just sit and relax was hard to fine, but with some effort, I managed to squeeze some in. I love Christmas.

I had a lovely Christmas day with my family, although I was a little under the weather, brought on my shear exhaustion after a Christmas season and Christmas Eve in retail. I'm a survivor.

A few things I'll mention just for fun:

I'm seriously contemplating dying my hair dark, dark, dark brown. Sorry, brothers/in-laws.

I'm so thankful for three consecutive Sundays that I got to go to church in December. Because of my work schedule, I usually have to work Sunday mornings. And when I say "usually," I mean basically every Sunday. But I've been attending a local church's evening service to try and make up for it. Because frankly, I really miss church!

One of my best friends (15+ years!) is engaged! Yeeeeee-haaw!

And today I'm enjoying a half-day of work and a rare afternoon to just sit, relax and do whatever.

 Speaking of which...

...I'm off to finally watch the 50th Anniversary special of Doctor Who. :)


  1. I've missed your posts! :) Enjoy the DW 50th anniversary. I haven't watched the Christmas special yet...I don't know if I'm emotionally prepared. (Darn Matt Smith for making me like him so much.)

    P.S. I adore Frozen, too.

  2. what an awesome December and CHRISTmas :)

    i have yet to see frozen,i guess i should take one of my nieces as my scapegoat!

    love the bohka lights picture :)

    happy new year!

  3. Sounds like you had a great December! Mine went by so fast that I barely got to enjoy it. :/ Oh well. I work retail as well, so I totally get the exhausted part. I worked on Christmas Eve and it was crazy all day!

    I haven't seen the DW 50th special yet, only because I just started watching the show last month. I'm almost done with season 4, so I'm getting there! I have the 50th and Christmas special on the DVR just waiting to be watched. :D

  4. SO glad to read this, Kell! <3 Been thinking & praying for you often, my friend! Glad you had some quiet moments this Christmas & you enjoyed it to the fullest as you could along with your busy day-to-day!
    Dying hair--DO. IT. {But you have to commit to keeping up with it unless you decide to go back to au-natural after the first dye job}
    Frozen--GAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AMEN & ME TOO! I've seen it twice. I treated all my siblings to it a week after it came out, then went to see it all by my lonesome when two of my siblings & mom saw The Hobbit.
    Miss you, my beauteous friend!
    {I also miss a recent "selfie" or just a picture with your lovely face in it! *not-so-subtle hint*}

  5. You posted again, hurrah!

    And I hope that you enjoyed your afternoon off to the very fullest. :)

  6. So nice to "see" you again, Kellie! You've been missed, but a full life is good reason to be missing from the internet realm. ;D I'm dying to see Frozen, but it looks like I'll have to wait for the DVD release (small town, one-screen theater problems...). I've heard so many great things about it. Giving/receiving gifts is definitely my love language too. Finding the perfect presents for my family is one of the highlights of my year. :D Merry late Christmas and happy New Year!

  7. Welcome back-you've been missed! Hope your New Year is just wonderful!

  8. Sounds like a wonderful December! I'm finally going to see Frozen with my friend this weekend, and I absolutely cannot wait...so glad to hear you liked it!
    Happy 2014!!

    decked out in ruffles

  9. Happy New Year!!! I haven't seen Frozen yet, but I'm obsessed with Let it Go!

    As a fellow took-the-plunge-and-dyed-my-hair...do it! It's so fun. :)

    Glad your Christmas was great!!!!

  10. Fun. Love this update, Kellie, friend. Glad life is going well for you and despite the bumps along the way, you're happy with life for now. :)
    Stay happy.

    Happy 2014 - HOORAY for Frozen. That was the movie we saw over Christmas week and yep, I've gushed about it. :)

  11. Frozen was amazing!! Can't wait to see it again.
    What a nice Christmas it is to spend with family. (first time in 2 years for me) Life is so much better with friends and family.
    Wishing you the best for 2014. May the unexpected happen this year and you have a deeper relationship than ever before with the Lord.

  12. I won't lie, it feels so good to get caught up on your life. To see all that has happened, all that you've enjoyed, and all that you've done, too. I'm glad you had a lovely Christmas with your family and am excited to see where 2014 leads you--who knows it just might be full of surprises. :)

  13. We've missed you!! I am so happy you are loving your job!


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