Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A New Dress for an Old Friend

I need to revamp this blog. During the time of my loss and refining that took place over the last two years, this blog was my out-let, the "friend" on whom to throw the overflow of my crumbling emotional, mental, and spiritual state of mind. I could write my thoughts, no matter how painful, how irrational, how petty, how immature, or how silly they may look now. This was "the shadows of my bleeding heart," (update: previous sub-title of this blog) for indeed, my heart bled fiercely. But now, the wound is healed, altho I pray the scar remains, to remind me of what God brought me through. But I am no longer symoblically waiting for the evening sun-rise, because it has now already dawned brighter and more clearly than I ever imagined. It is indeed beautiful. And now, I'm on another journey, another stage of life. The evening sun-rise is behind me, shining a light on ahead...Maybe I'm waxing on too peotical - writing IS my outlet - but when a heart feels deeply, whether pain or joy, it speaks in the language of poetry. And so waxeth I on. =)

My mom, who is my greatest mentor and role model, wrote this for me during one of those dark days when I felt God has ceased to listen to me. I have kept this little sticky note and to this day it still serves as a daily reminder, a reminder that I constantly need.

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