Friday, May 20, 2011

Music I Love: Nathan Clark George

Nathan Clark George

I recently came across this artist, and frankly, I have really been blessed and encouraged through the listening. He came to our church last year to lead worship at the annual family camp, and whereas I didn't actually attend the event, I heard his praises sung throughout the congregation, and we now sing several of his songs during the musical worship portion of the service. We got a copy of two of his Cd's last week, and it's been played repeatedly since then.

Here's what his website has to say:

"Award winning singer/songwriter Nathan Clark George has been touring with his music for over a decade, including 4 years full-time in an RV with his family, encouraging a multi-generational vision for the family and the Kingdom of Peace. His discography delivers compelling musical presentations of Scripture along with transparent snapshots of life."

A vast portion of his music is set to Scripture, or at the very least, Scripture is thoroughly woven throughout the songs.

“I treat that process with great fear and reverence,” he says. “The lyrics are written by God, after all. The challenge is to make it flow in a natural way. A lot of work goes into the phrasing aspect.”

His style is very acoustic (guitar, mandolin, piano, violin, cello, etc) and while not being without good rhythm and some mild percussion, maintains a very calming, relaxing feel. Being in a pretty musical family myself, I can appreciate the intricate detailing of the instruments, and it lends another aspect of "awe" into the praise I feel for the Lord in my heart, because I know it's truly a beautiful melody to the Lord!

Nathan Clark George, his wife, and five children have been living in an RV for the past four years, touring with their musical concert. They are family-oriented and as already said in their bio, are "multi-generation" - keeping their own family, as well as encouraging others, to value the institution of family and not split the family (especially in church) into different age groups.

Overall, I'm really blessed by Nathan Clark George's music and testimony. I have a broad appreciation for music, and therefore appreciate the calming, acoustic feel of his music. Very relaxing and worshipful! And makes you think, too. Of the two Cd's we listened to (Rise in the Darkness & Words for Everyday), Rise in the Darkness is by far my favorite of the two.

I love what he has to say in the closing of his website's bio:

“I’m just a musician who is willing to go anywhere and sing for anybody. I really don’t follow the Christian music scene so I don’t know where, or if, I fit in. I just try to be cognizant of where God wants me and try to stay within that framework. Even if it means another year in the RV.”

Sounds like here's a musician who's really all about bringing glory to God. And definitely now high-ranking on my list of favorites.

You can hear several of his songs on his website. You can find his website here. To go directly to his music samples, click here. My favorites are: I Will Rejoice, The Lamb Now Lives, Not What My Hands Have Done, & What If I Were In the Garden. They could be your new favorites, too.

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