Saturday, May 21, 2011

Go To the Aunt

Introducing, three of the greatest joys in my life!
B (1 1/2 years), G (9 months), and M (2 years)

Auntie-hood is such a precious thing! Both my brother Steven and sister Kristine live only about 10 minutes away, and so I get to spend copious amounts of time with my little Jewels. In fact, Steven and his wife Caitlin lived with us for two years, and both Mercy and Gwynn were born via home-birth right in our home. Being an almost daily part of their first years (they've now moved into their own home but still very close) and seeing Kristine's Bethany and now recent-addition David (seven weeks old) almost as frequenty, has allowed me to develope precious relationships with all of them.

I thank God so often for allowing me the priviledge of loving on these little ones, watching them grown, and lending a hand in bringing up another generation to love and serve the Lord.
I was born to be an aunt!

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