Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Of Fields & Finger Nails

I have a post that's been on my heart for weeks (years, truth be told) that I want to post...but working a job has just not allowed me the time to sit and put it up. So, in the meantime, here's a bit on what I'm studying.

Proverbs 31 talks about the woman who furthered her home and resources by buying a field - well, needless to say, for me to buy a field would be impractical and pointless! And so instead of a field, I am studying nail technology. Field, nails, see the similarity? Ok, no, not really.

Anyways, growing up I was a terrible nail-biter, and I would look longingly at women (especially my oldest sister, who has gorgeous hands and nails!) with long nails and see in them the height of femininity. In recent years, I have kicked the habit (hallelujah!) and in the aftermath, having nice nails has become a fetish of mine. There's nothing like knowing you've got some "style on hand" (pun intended) to make you feel confident, beautiful, and just pure lady-like. At least, that's what nice nails do for me. =)

So, I've been teaching myself the art of nail technology (yes, that's what it's REALLY called!). That also includes the study of the hands (muscles, joints, bones, nerves, etc), the make-up of the skin, the nutrients needed to maintain healthy nails, different kinds of abnormalities or mis-grown nails and what to do about that, how to give a proper and beneficial massage to the hands or feet...as WELL as the obvious: how to give top-class manicures and pedicures. Maybe that's not your cup of tea or slice of pizza, but I am finding it vastly interesting and being something of a "dreamer/schemer/visionary," I have all kinds of ideas to further my resources using this developing skill. Just another egg in the basket, so to speak. Plus, it's just really, really fun.

Anyone interested in plowing a similar field, I highly recommend this book:

This book has LOTS of pictures - and surprisingly, almost NO pictures of anything other than feet and hands. I'm pretty comfortable reading the vast majority of this book even with my three brothers around. I found this book at my local library, so chances are, your library might have a copy, too. Check it out - who knows? Maybe you'll be inspired, too.

"She considers a field and buys it;
with the fruit of her hands she plants a vineyard."
(Proverbs 31:16)


  1. Nice! I'm sure they have it here...How is your studying coming along? Thats so cool!

  2. Super awesome! Mu hobby is pretty much blog-hopping... and now wedding planning! LOL... I would love to be able to do what you're learning how to do, as feet and hands don't bother me.

  3. Suzette, wedding planning is something that I absolutely love!!! I was talking to a friend of mine who's sister was getting married here recently, and I probably talked straight for almost 10 minutes, because I had all the ideas for them. I guess I'm a wedding-idea-collector. Someday I would love to do wedding planning/coordinating. =)


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