Thursday, June 2, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend - Civil War Reenactment

As maybe you've guessed, my family does Civil War Reenacting. This weekend was one of our biggest events and also one of our favorites reenactments so far! Several families from our church also reenact with us, and we are all part of the 43rd Virginia Cavalry, also known as Mosby's Rangers (an actual historical unit of soldiers). We camp out in the soldier's camp for the weekend, dressed up in period costume (or "replicas" as we reenactors prefer to call them). We have met many new friends, on both the Confederate and Union side. We reenact on the Southern side, but hold no malice or spite against our Yankee friends. =) Here's some snapshots of our weekend...

Rebel Canon. Notice the smoke ring...

Just arrived. Me and my two sisters, Katheryn and Karis.

Katheryn and Karis.


Yours Truly.

Confederate lines.

Yankee troops.

My beautiful little sister Karis.

43rd Virginia! My dad is third from the left, my brother Seth second from the right. The guy on the far left and the guy right in the middle with the sword and fierce face our church friends.

My 11 year old brother, Stuart. He's a nature lover, note the itty-bity fuzzy caterpillar on his arm...

My brother Scott loves the Word of God. He's rarely without a bible either in hand or in pocket.

My gentleman bandit brother Seth. =) I made the frock coat he's wearing.

Sunday evening dance. A beautiful night...

Watching the dancers through the window.

Karis dancing, as seen through the window.

I laugh every time I see this picture. Don't let his face fool you - he really does love me. =)

My amazing parents.

Once again, me


  1. This is entirely gorgeous! I wish I re-enacting too!! You made your brother' frock? Wow! I should live near you :) You and the dress are gorgeous! Also, how many siblings are you? I think I counted 6 or 7?

  2. Thanks, Sophie! You are so encouraging. =) I have 7 siblings (4 brothers, three sisters). The oldest brother and sister are married, so there's only 5 besides me at home and "featured" in the post. Reenacting is really fun! =)

  3. :) Aww, you're welcome! Wow and I thought we were a lot! We are 5 :) Maybe I'll find some re-enacting stuff near me. Have a great weekend! Oh it's Sophie btw...too lazy to sign in lol

  4. What a beautiful family you are and what a fantastic coat that is that you made!

    Thanks for following my blog too, I think I'll stick around here as well!

  5. I like that you reenact! I do the same!


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