Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Womanly Work

First and foremost, I am not a feminist. I firmly believe that whereas men are not better than women, they are better at alot of things - because they've been made that way by God to be better at them. I firmly see in the balance of life, that men have strengths that women do not. Men are men.

Of course, I also see that there are things that women are better at, too. God created man...and God created women. Two separate things. Each with gifts that the other does not have. But what I want firmly established before further reading, is that I am not a feminist in my thinking, in fact, I'm a staunch supporter of men's role of leadership and strength.

But I just ran across a girl's profile description of herself, and in it, she said that she is a real girly-girl...but sometimes she still likes to get out and get dirty working outside...as if she was being "manly" to do that. And I was like "wait." When did "working outside and getting dirty" become a guy thing?

Take a gander at Proverbs 31 and the "excellent woman" passage. Geez, that woman is all over the place working hard outside - buying a field, planting a vineyard, working with sheep ("she seeks wool") and harvesting flax...This woman, the woman lauded as the excellent woman in Scripture, does some pretty hard work outside. Tending vineyards and shearing sheep are not dainty chores, but she was leading the way in getting those things done around the house. While still being all-woman.

It's still womanly to work outside. In the house chores are usually what the woman will be doing, but we women are still just as womanly when we don our overalls and head to the great outdoors.

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