Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Adventures of Winston

Meet Winston.

Winston was given to me recently by my sister-in-law C, who happens to know of a certain fascination I have for emergency response personel in general. If you spend much time around me, you'll eventually find out that I specifically love fire-fighters! Always have, always will. I love fire-house blue uniforms, the flash of red engine lights, and most of all, I love the bravery and self-sacrifice you find in a fire-fighter.

And so Winston (so named because "Winnie-the-Pooh" was not tough enough a name for my studly little fighter-man) has come to keep me company. And let me tell you, he's got skills!

What strength! He could probably do push-ups all day and not break a sweat.

Winston is also very friendly!

Winston also wants me to tell you that even though they may try to outlaw fires in fireplaces or stoves, that the way he sees it, people have been heating their homes by fires for thousands of years. It hasn't made a hole in the ozone yet.

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  1. oh my! i didn't know you were back! and you've been posting so much I'm trying to keep up :) first, welcome back! i did miss you and your posts. second: i love the pics. I didn't know you had sister who is exactly my age :) third, i LOVE you new blog design...especially the header. maybe i should try mine! again, welcome back, kelly :) its sophie...too lazy to sign in ;)


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